Friday, August 20, 2010

Pit Bull Recovering Well After Being Dumped

Pit Bull Recovering Well After Being Dumped
FORT WORTH (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ―  
Kathy Radovich, 43, is still in shock after making a heartbreaking discovery near her trash bins: A malnourished pit bull, covered in fire ants and stuffed in a black trash bag.

"I left that morning and saw him right in here (pointing to the road) just laying sideways and the trash bag was floating away from him," Radovich said.
Bones the Pit Bull
She's lived on Anderson Boulevard in Fort Worth for nearly two decades. She thought the dog was dead, so she called Animal Control to come by and pick him up.

"My son came out Steven and said 'no mom the dog is still alive it's trying to get out of the bag,'" Radovich said.

She immediately grabbed the dog and took him to Family PetCare in Fort Worth.

Radovich happens to be a nurse at the hospital. For the next several days doctors and nurses started taking care of the frail pit bull they named "Bones."

He weighed less than half of what he should weigh.

"It's not a case of tough luck in a tough economy; this is a case of abuse and conscious neglect," said Dr. Tim Morton, with Family PetCare. "It just makes you angry!"

Morton said Bones was starved and didn't have a collar or a chip. The veterinarian thinks he's about a year and a half old.

"This poor guy was kept somewhere not only not fed, but he was kept somewhere he couldn't get food," Morton said. "From evidence we have all he was eating was limbs and leaves."

Bones has gained seven pounds since Monday. He's getting plenty of love and attention from the doctors and nurses on hand.

"He's got his tail a-going," Radovich said. "He's just so sweet!"

Morton thinks it could take weeks before Bones fully recovers. As of now, Radovich is taking care of all medical expenses for the dog.

Donations are welcomed and accepted at 1501 Handley Drive in Fort Worth. The hospital is working with several rescue groups to find him a home.
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Such a heartbreaking story and it is truly an atrocity at the hands of man. Get well soon little guy!! I hope everything works out for you and you are able to see that not every human is like the person(s) you first encountered. I hope you find your forever home as soon as you are well!!

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