Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spirit: The Ambassadog

Spirit the Ambassadog
Spirit was rescued at a Georgia animal shelter four years ago by Ara Gureghian, a wonderful gentleman who is driving across the country on his motorcycle with a sidecar, that Spirit rides in. Tragically, Ara lost his son six years ago and has now embarked on a journey of healing and with his best friend, Spirit as his sidekick, is spreading love and a positive message about Pit Bulls to as many people as he can.
Soon, Spirit will be writing his own journal from the road and you will be able to find it here. Please check back on National Dog Day for new entries.

You can also follow Ara and Spirit, where they are on the road..... and  enjoy reading about their day to day journey at

Spirit Fan eMail click here!

Check out both sites. Spirit’s travel page has some really cool pictures of him riding co-pilot in his person’s side car of his motorcycle. That is one BA dog!! He reminds me of Bud, the dog you accompanied Horatio Nelson Jackson across the country on the first transcontinental railroad trip. Good luck, Spirit and Ara!

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