Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BSL Update: Sioux City

BSL update for Sioux City


Council votes to keep pit bull ban

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010 6:07 pm
Sioux City's City Council has voted 3-2 to keep a pit bull ban.
City Attorney Andrew Mai had been expected to present sweeping changes to the city's vicious animal laws, including a call for lifting the pit bull ban and taking the police department and city out of the appeal process.
Amending the ordinances has been a topic of debate and testimony from pet owners for months. Some procedures changed after District Court Judge John D. Ackerman ruled in January that the city had violated the due-process rights of six dog owners and the dogs were released from the Sioux City Animal Control shelter.
The council had toughened the vicious animal laws in 2008 so that animals deemed vicious had to be euthanized and no longer could be placed in homes outside the city.
That same year, the council unanimously enacted a ban on ownership of pit bulls and pit-bull mixes, sponsored by Councilman Aaron Rochester. Dogs already in the city were grandfathered in, but their owners had to comply with registration and licensing regulations or see their dogs seized. Rules about fencing, leashing, muzzling and microchipping followed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Media Bias!

The headline first published in the Patriot Ledger online for Lakeville concerning the American Bulldog that attacked a child and its owner read:

UPDATE: Lakeville police shoot, kill pit bull that attacked babysitter and child

Then it later published an article with a headline that read:

Lakeville police kill dog after attack on boy, 5, and baby sitter

once it was discovered that the dog was actually an American Bulldog, which is NOT a pit bull.
Both articles were written by the same person. I am going to email her and inquire about her word choice in each headline; additionally, I am going to ask her why she reported something she had yet to verify. Hmmmm…??

Dog to be put down after biting child, 2, in Lakeville but not really- it is getting a reprieve

Dog to be put down after biting child, 2, in Lakeville
Order comes after unrelated savage attack on 5-year-old
A greyhound bit a 2-year old twice because of the mother’s and canine caregiver’s stupidity. The dog’s caregiver had a co-worker and the co-worker’s 2-year old son and boyfriend crashing at her place along with the greyhound, which she took in to help another friend. It sounds to me like someone doesn’t know how to say no to people and she is taken advantage of easily. That’s irrelevant though. Anyway, the dog bit the 2 year old once on May 8 and again on June 1. After the first incident one would think the girl’s mother would have found elsewhere to crash or take measures to ensure the dog was never around the child ever again. The 2 year old was probably left unsupervised with the dog and he probably pushed the dog’s buttons causing it to bite the child. I don’t fault the dog at all. Those idiots should have been supervising any interaction of the child and the dog if the mother truly had nowhere else to go. The child’s mom even admitted that an argument was taking place when the second incident occurred. What bothers me is that the dog bit a child twice and obviously shouldn’t be around children period. The fact is the dog bit a human not once but twice and needs to be euthanized. The selectman sentenced the dog to be euthanized, which is the responsible thing to do because it could bite another child in the future; however, the selectmen felt sorry for the dog and gave it a reprieve:
Selectmen gave the dog, Firewall, a bit of a reprieve and will ask a greyhound rescue group if it wants to try and place him, with the stipulation the town is released from all liability. But the window of opportunity is only 15 days, after which the dog will be put down, unless the owner appeals the decision.

Now, if this had been a pit bull or any dog faintly resembling a pit bull the town would be in the streets demanding death for the dog. Derek A Masky, one of the selectmen, states, “It was the owner’s responsibility to protect the child from the dog and that didn’t happen.”
I couldn’t agree with him more but then he says it “bothers him” that the dog is the one who is paying for the idiocy of the child’s mother. Would it bother him if it were a pit bull? Or a Rottweiler? Or a German Shepherd?
The owner of the greyhound and the caregiver do not believe the dog would have been sentenced to death if not for an unrelated attack on a 5-year old boy in town last week; the culprit was a 100lb American Bulldog who mauled a boy and its owner in an attempt to get it off the child.
The greyhound is going to be given a second chance if the greyhound rescue can adopt him out but the caregiver and its owner said they are going to try to adopt him, which should NEVER happen. These two are not responsible enough to have a dog. Period.

From My Google Alerts- June 28, 2010

A 12-year old boy killed two of the three Chihuahuas owned by his foster father in Atwater, California. He was taken to juvenile hall. Apparently, the dogs tried to bite the boy so he tossed two in a small irrigation pipe, drowning them by throwing a cement block on top of them. The third washed into a canal from a larger irrigation pipe and survived. He is a sick kid and this is a precursor to something for atrocious.
Matthew Havern was sentenced to one to twelve months in prison after his dog mauled his niece. Apparently, it was not the first time the dog attacked a toddler. The dog should have been put down the first time.
In Jacksonville, Florida, a woman is being held prisoner in her own home by stray dogs. She claims one of the dogs is a pit bull and it killed a dog across the street from her; yet, AC wouldn’t remove the dog’s body because they were called by police. Evidently, AC is understaffed and stray dogs killing others aren’t priority. Once someone is bitten or killed then AC can respond as a priority call. The strays are too fast to catch so AC says they will have to set up a trap on someone’s property, but that will take the owner’s permission and cooperation. It sounds to me like Animal Control doesn’t really give a shit.

Suit Filed Over Dog Bite

Suit filed over dog bite

Salesman Joel Ellsworth was rushed to a hospital for stitches after the dog took at least a 2-inch chunk of his thigh. Ellsworth then spent four days in the hospital when his leg became infected, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Yuba County Superior Court.
But Olivehurst resident Sharon Bookey, named as a defendant with daughter Denise, said Friday that her Akita bit Ellsworth when he came to her 15th Street home that's marked with a "Beware of Dog" sign.
"I didn't invite him on my property," said Bookey. "If I want something, I'll go get it."
"I don't like that door-to-door salesman stuff," she said.
Moreover, Bookey said she and her daughter warned Ellsworth not to get too close before their dog Kayla bit him.
Bookey has had Kayla, who's about 7 years old, since the dog was 1. The animal is well liked in the neighborhood, Bookey said, and residents were mad when Kayla after the bite had to spend 10 days quarantined in the county animal shelter — a stay that cost her owner about $200.
Ellsworth's lawyer, Jeremy Price, declined to comment.
According to the suit, when Ellsworth made his April 30 sales visit to the Bookey home, Denise asked how much the home security system cost.
"I don't care," Sharon Bookey then said. "I don't want it."
The two women took no steps to stop the dog and didn't warn Ellsworth about the animal, according to the complaint. Ellsworth was lightheaded and went into shock after the bite.
Days after being released from the emergency room he asked doctors to look at his wound, which was discolored. He was immediately admitted to the hospital for a four-day stay, according to the filing.
Ellsworth is recuperating and unable to work. The suit seeks unspecified damages.
"Akitas are known for having a vicious nature," the suit said.
Sharon Bookey called the April 30 incident upsetting.
"He's a stranger and shouldn't be on the property," she said of Ellsworth. "Now he wants to get money."
In my opinion, the “Beware of Dog” sign should suffice. When you venture onto other’s property selling stuff you get what you get. Now, the owners should have done more to restrain their dog when the unwanted visitor came knocking. I ALWAYS make sure Kangol is locked in a bedroom before I answer the door if I have to; however, I usually don’t answer the door period because I know it is usually somebody selling something even though there is a massive “No Soliciting” sign at the front of my neighborhood.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pit Bull Found Savagely Killed and a Female Pit Bull Saves a Male Pit Bull From a Life of Fighting

Pit bull found savagely killed in Northeast Philly

Philadelphia Daily News
The popping sound of firecrackers is common around Ditman and Levick streets in Tacony, neighbors say.
It was the second pit bull that was found killed in a public area in two weeks.
About 10 p.m. last night, residents on Ditman heard a "pop, pop" but thought nothing of it until cops arrived in the back alley way about an hour later.
Police found a brown pit-bull mix laying in a puddle of its own blood, tied to a fence post with a gunshot wound on the side of its head.
One neighbor, who was watching TV, peered out the window into his back yard and saw the gruesome scene lit up by the flashing blue and red lights of a nearby police car.
"I couldn't see anything" at first, Carlos Rodriguez, 35, said. "It was so dark. But when police came, I saw the dog tied to my fence post."
Carlos and wife Ana were confused as to why the dog was tied to their fence in the first place, Ana said.
"There are plenty of other fences," Ana said. "They see we have a pool here, and they know our kids play in it every day, so why would they do it here?"
Police were still looking yesterday afternoon for the owner of the dog and who might have shot it, a police spokeswoman said.
"It's just weird," said David Cheatley, 30, who lives four houses down from Rodriguez's rowhouse. "We all have dogs here. Why did they have to do that right there where our kids could see?"
Dave Browning, 59, who lives between Rodriguez and Cheatley, said that in the last year his 9-year-old granddaughter has witnessed four deaths - three people hit by cars and now the dog.
"She and my wife were coming home from her dance-recital rehearsal," Browning said. "And when they pulled up, my granddaughter saw the dog laying in the street."
Browning's wife, Donna, then called police at 10:45 p.m., saying she saw a gunshot wound in the dog's head, police said.
"It's such a shame," Browning said. "When my granddaughter came in, she bent down and hugged our dog and said, 'Don't worry, I'll protect you.' "
The dog's body was picked up by the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
On June 15, a pit bull was found dead hanging from playground equipment at an Olney rec center. The dog had been hanged by its leash at Barrett Recreation Center, at 8th Street and Duncannon Avenue.

SPCA offers reward in dog's fatal shooting

The Pennsylvania SPCA offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for the fatal shooting of a dog Thursday in Northeast Philadelphia.
Authorities found a brown-and-white male pit bull mix about 11 p.m. in the 6400 block of Ditman Street. The 2-year-old dog had been tied to a fence and shot in the head.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania SPCA at 866-601-7722.
- Kristen Holmes

What is wrong with people? Why? I want to know why someone would do this to a dog. It sounds like it might be the same person who hanged that pit bull in the playground. Both dogs were found hanging from leashes. People are sick. RIP sweet pit bull.

Female Pit Bull Saves Male Pit Bull From a Life of Fighting

Brains, a female pit bill, earned her name after she led Brawn, an emaciated male pit bill with a 20 lb. chain around his neck, through a busy intersection in downtown West Palm Beach, Fla.
Brawn, weighing only 40 pounds, stumbled as he tried to maneuver his way through a busy street. When Brawn stumbled, Brains waited for him and, at times, nudged him through traffic.
David Walesky of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control says Brawn was worn out and Brains was in front of him saying, "Let's get across this together. I'm waiting for you, buddy — let's go."
Two construction workers brought Brawn and Brains to a nearby animal shelter

. The dogs were later transferred to a no-kill shelter called Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, which is the only shelter in South Florida to take pit bulls.
According to Kay-Lynette Roca, founder of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, "The pair are now resting comfortably together at the sanctuary's state-of-the-art, charitable veterinary hospital, where Brawn is being treated for heartworms. Next stop: the sanctuary's newly-opened, 28-acre ranch in Palm City, where they'll 'acclimate and chill out.'"
Roca goes on to say that "the West Palm Beach neighborhood in which [the] dogs were found is known as a breeding ground for fight dogs. A lot of these guys will put weights and chains around their neck to build up muscles."
Roca believes Brains and Brawn broke loose from the same abusive situation. "They seem to know one another. She is protective of him, and she seems to be the leader. Thankfully, the pair don't show any aggression to other dogs or to humans. They're very sweet. We see no problems with them. These best friends will now remain so forever, as they'll only be adopted out to a family willing to take both. I will absolutely make sure they stay together."
The article states that if you would like information on how to adopt Brains and Brawn, or make a donation for their medical care, call (561) 747-5311 or visit the sanctuary's website at
This is an awesome story with an almost happy ending for these pit bulls. It won’t be a complete happy ending until they find forever homes—The WD and I wish them both the best! xoxo

From My Google Alerts- June 25. 2010

A dogcatcher was attacked by a pit bull resulting in the dog being shot and killed. Three more pit bulls were taken into custody after they were rounded up from running loose. Another pit bull was chained to the porch and was taken into custody. I think they should charge the owner for the dog biting the AC officer and fine them for the loose dogs too. I hope they do not put the remaining dogs down because they didn’t bite anybody; though, they shouldn’t return to the irresponsible owner!!
There is no grand jury indictment in the case of Anastasia Bingham.
“According to the Hinds County Sheriff's Department, DNA testing on a pit bull found at the scene and one found beaten to death revealed the animals were not involved in the attack.”
What I thought was interesting was
Hinds County investigators said they received confidential tips that stated that there were three other pit bulls, owned by the child's relatives, that were killed and dumped in a wooded area off Saw Mill Road in rural Hinds County.
"They have not been as cooperative as they could have been and given as much information as they could have given," said Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin.
Deputies also received anonymous reports of dog fighting in the area.
It makes me think the family knows and may even own the dogs responsible for her death. They need to stop calling the dog responsible for her death a pit bull though because they do not know what type of dog even mauled her.
Her grandmother is throwing around the race card too, claiming that if she were white, they would have already charged someone. WHATEVER…
This is not news in my opinion. The dog became human aggressive and the owner did the right thing.
A family in the UK fights to keep their beloved dog that has never done harm to anyone. These are responsible pet owners and a perfect example of why the laws in the UK need changing.
“He has never had a complaint made against him,” she said.
“He lives behind secure fencing, he is walked on a lead and he was never allowed to roam.
“After the dog warden visited me to ask about my dog licence on May 10, she reported me as having a pit bull and on May 19 dog wardens arrived at my home and took him away.
“They telephoned us later the same day and said he must be destroyed for no other reason than his legs and muzzle are a certain amount of inches long.

Sentencing Delayed, Proposal Meeting, and NOT a Pit Bull

Sentencing delayed for woman convicted in March 2009 pit bull attack

Published: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 4:52 PM     Updated: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 9:01 AM
Saginaw County Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes was scheduled to sentence Shamorrow S. Amos today, but the sentencing date was postponed until July 13 at prosecutors’ request.

The jury also convicted Anthony D. Hunt, 34, of four of the counts and acquitted him of two of the counts. VanLanHam, who lives across the street two houses south of Amos’ former house on the Buena Vista Township side, came to the aid of his life-long friend and was attacked.

Because Boes did not remand Amos to jail prior to her sentencing, it’s unlikely Amos will be sent to prison.
Here is an update on the Butte pit bull tethering proposal.

Pit bull meeting to be held tonight

Posted: Jun 22, 2010 4:03 PM
Updated: Jun 23, 2010 8:42 AM
As we reported last week, Commissioner Terry Schultz is proposing an ordinance to tether or leash pit bulls.  Now opponents of this proposed ordinance are meeting tonight to formulate an argument against it to bring to commissioners. 
Schultz has proposed a $100 fine on a first offense and $250 fine and loss of animal on the second offense.  The proposed ordinance has been moved to the judiciary committee who will discuss it at tomorrow night's meeting. 
And Samantha Collier, owner of All About the Dawg dog daycare, has arranged tonight’s meeting for people to share their feelings and ideas and she says it's not just for pit bull owners but all dog owner.
"We’ll talk about different solutions people might have to the dog problems here in Butte. It's not just a pit bull problem, we have a dog problem at large looking for suggestions and what we can take to the commissioners to make Butte a stronger community especially for our animals," she said.
The meeting is tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  at the Butte Plaza Mall in the room across from the office and restrooms.

Town orders DOG to be euthanized

Actually, that is not what the title says on this article but it should. The article states, “18-month-old pitbull and black lab mix named Peter.” That is not a pit bull. They probably don’t even know what it is mixed with. This is the kind of stuff that irks me.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dog Owner Ordered to Pay Fines Following Pit Bull Attack

Stuart dog owner ordered to pay fines following her pit bull's second attack on another dog this year

By Elliott Jones
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
STUART — For the second time this year, a pit bull dog in the care of a Stuart woman has attacked another dog in public causing injuries, law enforcement reports show.
The woman, Brittany Edwards, 20, of the 1200 block of S.E. Astorwood Place, has been ordered to pay about $3,000 in county fines. She was cited for having an unrestrained dog and for interfering with a county animal control officer.
The owner of a golden retriever in the first attack — at Jensen Public Beach on April 7 — is filing a lien against Edwards to collect a $2,600 civil court judgement for medical bills.
Edwards has received written notification that the pit bull, named “Nina,” will be impounded again if it isn’t constantly kept under control and authorities aren’t kept up to date on its whereabouts. Sheriff’s investigations to date haven’t shown that the dog meets state criteria for being classified a dangerous animal.
“She is not a dangerous dog,” Edwards said Tuesday. “She does not know how to act in front of other dogs. She is a good dog. She just needs to get some help.”
Edwards said she plans to get the dog trained and that it had been spayed.
In the attack at Jensen Public Beach, the retriever’s owner, Serian Colley, 36, of Palm City, told investigators she was making sand castles with her 3-year-old daughter when “suddenly out of nowhere, a pit bull came rushing over and started attacking my dog,” reports show.
She and her husband were slightly injured while separating their dog from the pit bull, reports show.
The latest incident occurred at 1:19 a.m. May 15 when, according to police reports, Edwards opened the door of her apartment on Astorwood Place and let out the pit bull that attacked a 10-pound white dog being walked by its owner, John Aurora.
The small dog ended up bleeding on a sidewalk and needed medical care, reports show.
Edwards took the pit bull back into her apartment, but officers reported that she wouldn’t answer her door.
According to a police report, an officer “observed Edwards ... (in a room) pretending not to see me. I shined my light through the window and announced that law enforcement and animal control were there and needed to speak to Edwards.”
Following that incident, county animal officers went to her apartment eight times in May until finally, on May 28, they were able to take the pit bull for a mandatory quarantine at the Martin County Humane Society.
“You (Edwards) repeatedly hid the dog from authorities and misled ... (them) about her whereabouts,” according to a notification mailed to Edwards. That included not answering phone calls, the reports show.
Edwards said she had given the dog to someone else and it took time to get it back. The quarantine ended June 18 and the pit bull is back in her possession.
While dog aggression is expected, owner responsibility is as well; this woman obviously has NONE. She has no business owning a pit bull or any dog for that matter.

Pit bull euthanized after spending four hours in car waiting for owners to return

Pit bull euthanized after spending four hours in car waiting for owners to return
By Ryan Poe
Originally published 11:12 a.m., June 22, 2010
Updated 11:23 p.m., June 22, 2010
A 1-year-old pit bull was euthanized Monday in East Memphis, one day after being left in a car outside a plasma clinic for four sweltering hours.
Gregory Fisher, 30, and Amanda H. Lillard, 22, were arrested after a police officer made a routine traffic stop at about 6:40 p.m. Sunday and found the dog, Coco, unresponsive on the back seat of their car, a police affidavit says.
Lillard told the officer they had left the dog in the car while they were in the clinic, the document states. The Memphis area was under a heat advisory Sunday with temperatures in the upper 90s.
Coco was taken to the Animal Emergency Center on Summer Avenue, where she had to be put down Monday night, said center administrator Clarita Atkinson.
Fisher and Lillard were charged with animal cruelty Sunday.
Lillard was also charged with violation of financial law and improper lighting on a motor vehicle.
Both are scheduled to appear in court July 12.
Coco's death is one shared by many pets each summer, Atkinson said.
Pet owners should remember to keep animals in cool, shady areas -- not in cars -- and provide plenty of water, Atkinson said.
"The rule I use is, if you wouldn't leave your groceries in the car, don't leave your pets in the car," she said. "If it's too hot to leave your milk and ice cream in the car, it's too hot for your pets."

WTF is wrong with people. It is 10 times hotter inside of a car than it is outside. I just don’t get it! This kind of shit pisses me off; why would you take your dog in the car knowing you are going to a Plasma clinic. You obviously can’t take the dog inside with you. There are NO EXCUSES for this level of stupidity!