Friday, June 18, 2010

The Crazy, The Ignorant, The Irresponsible, and The Sadistic

Crazy Dog Lady

In Alabama, a woman used her pit bull/chow mix dog to deter the police from taking her to a mental evaluation; it bit one officer. I think these officers handled the situation appropriately though. Instead of shooting and killing the dog they used another means to subdue the animal—A TRANQUILIZER GUN. The woman sounds very unsound and obviously doesn’t need a pet of any kind.
(Source: The Montana Standard)trackingBy Justin Post, The Montana Standard, Butte
Jun. 15--A commissioner wants to clamp down on pit bull owners in Butte-Silver Bow, making it illegal to have the dogs unleashed in residential areas -- regardless of whether they are on private property.
District 4 Commissioner Terry Schultz said his proposed ordinance is in response to what he sees as a growing number of pit bulls attacking other animals.
He said animal control in the city-county responds to a large number of pit bull complaints, and he would like to take action before a person is injured.
"I'm really concerned about that because if it's a small child you've got a problem," Schultz said Monday.
Schultz plans to present the matter to commissioners during this week's meeting, but says it would be sent to committee for further discussion.
He is proposing to require all pit bulls leashed when they are within 100 yards of any place where people gather, including homes, businesses, churches and schools.
A first-time offense would cost the owner $100, followed by a $250 fine and forfeiture of the dog on a second offense.
As his ordinance is proposed, pet owners would be forbidden from having a pit bull unleashed, even in a fenced yard on their property if another home is within 100 yards.
"I don't want them out in the backyard without a tether," said Schultz, who owns no pets.
Schultz said he also is proposing this ordinance after a pit bull attacked another dog in his district.
"We just had an incident in my district and I just think it's time to stop it," he said.
Yet Erin Wall, director of the city-county's animal shelter, said she disagrees with any ordinance that would require owners to keep an animal tied outside.
"Would any person like to be tied up when they were outside?" she asked.
Wall says pit bulls are her favorite breed, and says the animals are wrongly stereotyped as being vicious, aggressive dogs.
"I would have a pit bull in a second," she said. "I think they are amazing. We sensationalize their aggressiveness."
She believes any dog can be aggressive in the hands of the wrong owner and argues that pit bulls, when treated and cared for properly, are great pets.
"Any breed can be mean; it doesn't matter if it's a pit bull or a Chihuahua," Wall said.
Commissioners meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on the third floor of the courthouse, 155 W. Granite.
-- Reporter Justin Post may be reached at or by telephone, 496-5572.
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OK this commissioner in Butte Silver Bow is an idiot. According to reporter Justin Post, one commissioner proposes the city should “mak[e] it illegal to have the dogs unleashed in residential areas -- regardless of whether they are on private property.”
Now, I don’t disagree, as I am a firm advocate for leash laws; however, Commissioner Terry Shultz states,  “… [Per his proposed ordinance], pet owners would be forbidden from having a pit bull unleashed, even in a fenced yard on their property if another home is within 100 yards.”
A non-pet owner Shultz insists they should be tied up even if they are in the backyard. That’s just stupid, not to mention it violates several county anti-tethering laws in Georgia.
“Schultz said he also is proposing this ordinance after a pit bull attacked another dog in his district.” Yes, that is usually when bogus proposals come to light- when something happens.

Pit Bulls Attack Sterling Heights Woman

A Sterling Heights woman was attacked by pit bulls while outside with her pets. She never wants to see another pit bull ever again, which I suppose is understandable.
The article says, “Critics of breed bans argue it's not the animals but their owners who are responsible for attacks like that on Cathy.” Owner irresponsibility causes most dogs to attack — no matter the breed. The owner should have made sure his fence was escape proof and if he wasn’t home when the attack happened, the dogs should have been inside.
The victim’s son, Tom Kovak, says, “"I just hope that he's punished for what happened and pit bulls are banned from Sterling Heights" The owner should be punished but banning pits isn’t going to improve the city’s said pit attack problem. Every dog has the potential to bite; it is a natural canine reaction. My bite is much worse than my dog’s bite ever could be so you might want to proscribe me too.
Another pit bull shot by an officer this week. The cop was off duty and said the dog aggressively came running up so he shot it; it didn’t bite him. The shot missed any vital organs but he is now deemed a DANGEROUS DOG, which I think is bogus. Granted I wasn’t there but the dog didn’t bite him and some people that are scared of dogs often have a different opinion of what is considered aggressive. The officer wasn’t bit but if this is true, “Hadley told police that the dog has a reputation of running loose and for attacking small dogs in the neighborhood.” Then the owner should be charged and should be dealt with accordingly.

13-year-old confesses to beating pit bull with a rock

In Baltimore, a 13-year-old girl confessed to the April 2010 beating of a female pit bull. This sadistic child continuously struck the dog in the head with a rock while it was tied to a pole. Lock her up NOW and throw away the key!! This story is cacophonously comparable to one that happened in Baltimore last month involving 3 children, all boys around age 12; however, that dog wasn’t so lucky. What is going on with your children, Baltimore?


  1. Pssst, Butte is in Montana, not Georgia, so Georgia's anti-tethering laws don't apply. Not sure if Montana has their own (I would wager they do not) but this kind of law, while stupid, is not illegal.

  2. Yes, I know where Butte is. I live in GA and it is illegal to tether a dog outside in several counties around the metro area, including mine. What I meant was that if such a proposal was put forth here, it would violate the anti-tethering laws in several GA counties. You are right though it is completely irrelevant to this particular article... I was very tired when I posted this ;O) Thanks for catching this!