Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pit bull euthanized after spending four hours in car waiting for owners to return

Pit bull euthanized after spending four hours in car waiting for owners to return
By Ryan Poe
Originally published 11:12 a.m., June 22, 2010
Updated 11:23 p.m., June 22, 2010
A 1-year-old pit bull was euthanized Monday in East Memphis, one day after being left in a car outside a plasma clinic for four sweltering hours.
Gregory Fisher, 30, and Amanda H. Lillard, 22, were arrested after a police officer made a routine traffic stop at about 6:40 p.m. Sunday and found the dog, Coco, unresponsive on the back seat of their car, a police affidavit says.
Lillard told the officer they had left the dog in the car while they were in the clinic, the document states. The Memphis area was under a heat advisory Sunday with temperatures in the upper 90s.
Coco was taken to the Animal Emergency Center on Summer Avenue, where she had to be put down Monday night, said center administrator Clarita Atkinson.
Fisher and Lillard were charged with animal cruelty Sunday.
Lillard was also charged with violation of financial law and improper lighting on a motor vehicle.
Both are scheduled to appear in court July 12.
Coco's death is one shared by many pets each summer, Atkinson said.
Pet owners should remember to keep animals in cool, shady areas -- not in cars -- and provide plenty of water, Atkinson said.
"The rule I use is, if you wouldn't leave your groceries in the car, don't leave your pets in the car," she said. "If it's too hot to leave your milk and ice cream in the car, it's too hot for your pets."

WTF is wrong with people. It is 10 times hotter inside of a car than it is outside. I just don’t get it! This kind of shit pisses me off; why would you take your dog in the car knowing you are going to a Plasma clinic. You obviously can’t take the dog inside with you. There are NO EXCUSES for this level of stupidity!

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  1. I could not agree with you more. Stupid F-tards!!