Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police shoot two dogs in Mississauga

Police shoot two dogs in Mississauga
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - A Peel police officer shot and killed two dogs in Mississauga last night.

Several people called police after two American Bull Terriers were found without their owners. The dogs were seen acting aggressively towards some people, including children in the Indian Road and Mississauga Road area around the dinner hour.

The officer was forced to use his gun after the dogs would not settle down.

"No officers were injured, no citizens were injured and no other pets or animals were injured," Sgt. Russ Anderson said.

The owner was later located but police have not yet laid charges. 
According to some comments of people that personally knew the dogs, it seems like a recent case out of NC involving a pit bull shot because authorities were tired of chasing her.
Additionally, these were not even Bull Terriers they were American Bulldogs.
Were these dogs acting aggressively or were they just going for a little freedom run? Either way their owner’s irresponsibility cost them their lives.
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