Friday, June 25, 2010

From My Google Alerts- June 25, 2010

Appeal to dog owners after attack

A BANBURY woman is urging dog owners to keep their pets on leads in the park after her partner became the victim of a dog attack. It seems her partner was attacked by two Jack Russells, suffering a bite to his hip and scratches around his neck. Evidently, it was serious enough to go to the hospital.

Little girl savaged in vicious dog attack

A little girl was “savaged in vicious dog attack” according to one paper by a cross between a bull terrier and bullmastiff. Now, I’m sorry the little girl was attacked but it doesn’t sound like she obtained life-threatening injuries; in addition, her stupid mother left and went to a friend’s house saying, "She was only gone for five minutes and was at my friend’s house with Mia.”
OK dumbass you never leave a child alone with any dog, especially one that isn’t familiar with your child! The little girl said she “went to cuddle the doggy” and that’s when it bit her. The dog probably didn’t want to be cuddled; nevertheless, the dog was destroyed even though the police checked him out and said he wasn’t dangerous. Therefore, a dog lost its life because of irresponsibility on both the mother’s part as well as its owner. I hate stupid people.
This is the picture they have posted with the article; however, it is NOT the dog that bit the little girl. The caption reads: DANGER: A dog similar to the one that attacked Courtney
OK that DOES NOT look like any sort of bullmastiff or bull terrier I have ever seen. I’d call that a black lab or black lab mix.

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