Monday, June 28, 2010

From My Google Alerts- June 25. 2010

A dogcatcher was attacked by a pit bull resulting in the dog being shot and killed. Three more pit bulls were taken into custody after they were rounded up from running loose. Another pit bull was chained to the porch and was taken into custody. I think they should charge the owner for the dog biting the AC officer and fine them for the loose dogs too. I hope they do not put the remaining dogs down because they didn’t bite anybody; though, they shouldn’t return to the irresponsible owner!!
There is no grand jury indictment in the case of Anastasia Bingham.
“According to the Hinds County Sheriff's Department, DNA testing on a pit bull found at the scene and one found beaten to death revealed the animals were not involved in the attack.”
What I thought was interesting was
Hinds County investigators said they received confidential tips that stated that there were three other pit bulls, owned by the child's relatives, that were killed and dumped in a wooded area off Saw Mill Road in rural Hinds County.
"They have not been as cooperative as they could have been and given as much information as they could have given," said Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin.
Deputies also received anonymous reports of dog fighting in the area.
It makes me think the family knows and may even own the dogs responsible for her death. They need to stop calling the dog responsible for her death a pit bull though because they do not know what type of dog even mauled her.
Her grandmother is throwing around the race card too, claiming that if she were white, they would have already charged someone. WHATEVER…
This is not news in my opinion. The dog became human aggressive and the owner did the right thing.
A family in the UK fights to keep their beloved dog that has never done harm to anyone. These are responsible pet owners and a perfect example of why the laws in the UK need changing.
“He has never had a complaint made against him,” she said.
“He lives behind secure fencing, he is walked on a lead and he was never allowed to roam.
“After the dog warden visited me to ask about my dog licence on May 10, she reported me as having a pit bull and on May 19 dog wardens arrived at my home and took him away.
“They telephoned us later the same day and said he must be destroyed for no other reason than his legs and muzzle are a certain amount of inches long.

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