Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ike The Expressway Pit Bull Settles In To New Home - WBBM 780 - Chicago's #1 source for local news, traffic and weather

Ike the expressway pit bull settles in to new home

Steve Miller Reporting
CHICAGO (WBBM) -- There's an update this morning on Ike the pit bull - who spent two days running along the Eisenhower Expressway a month and a half ago.

Five hundred emails. At least 200 phone calls. All from people interested in adopting Ike. That's what Steve Zorn of Precious Pets Almost Home says he received.

A couple of weeks ago, Ike found a permanent home in the suburbs. With empty nesters.

Zorn says he wants to keep the family anonymous - mostly to protect Ike.

"He's an easy target. If somebody was to go to the new owner's home... he's a dog that would be desirable for people who would be maybe less than desirable."

Zorn says Ike and his celebrity lucky-dog status drew so much interest.

"Ike directly found homes for about another seven or eight animals, just in the time that I had Ike. Other people that were interested in him and then they ended up adopting another dog from me. We also had some cats that got adopted because of Ike."

Zorn says Ike's time on the Eisenhower left him a little worse for the wear.

"He was, when he was out there one morning, he did get whacked by a car pretty good, which I know that didn't get out too much."

Zorn says Ike is better now. And runs and plays.

"Over Memorial Day weekend, he went to his new house. And it was a little bit of a trial run."


"And he did absolutely marvelously. And he has a new brother that's a cat."

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Kangol and I want to wish this big sweet baby the best of luck at his new home! He is a special pup and he contributed to the adoption of a bunch of other homeless animals. Thanks Ike!
Good luck!

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