Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Officer/Pit Bull Shooting: TEEN HIT THIS TIME

Police shoot at pit bull, hit teen

A shot fired by a Baltimore police officer went through a pit bull and into one of a group of boys who had been harassing the dog earlier, police say.
The group of teens had been antagonizing a pit bull in Northeast Baltimore. Police say the pit bull got loose and was acting aggressively toward the children when officers arrived.
One officer fired a shot at the dog in defense of the 14-year-old boy, but the bullet passed through the dog and struck the boy, WBFF reported.
The child was being treated for a leg injury at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
The 2-year-old pit bull was killed.
The dog was acting aggressively toward the children because they were antagonizing it. So many children taunt and tease dogs because they think it’s funny. In my opinion, if you taunt any dog then you get what you get. Here in Georgia, Athens to be specific, a boy was attacked in 2009 by three dogs. One was supposedly a pit bull, with one news source calling it a “Staffenshire terrier,” WTH that is and the other two dogs were fox terriers but officials say that fox terriers are in the pit bull type group of dogs (say what?!). Anyway, the boy initially lied about how the attack happened. When things didn’t start to add up, the boy admitted he had actually been antagonizing the dogs from outside the apartment window. No sympathy for the kid here and unfortunately the pit bull was euthanized because the owner reclaimed the two smaller dogs (even though all three bit the little punk) but surrendered the pit. She was at work when the attack occurred but she is another one of those irresponsible owners I detest so much.  
“[T]eenage victim admitted he antagonized the dogs by bouncing a basketball against the outside wall of their home. The ball struck a door that came open, allowing the dogs to escape and attack 13-year-old Johnchavious Echols, who suffered bites to his face, legs and body, said Patrick Rives, superintendent of Athens-Clarke Animal Control.”
That door never should have been able to come open because a ball bounced on it.
Back to my original article… No sympathy here except for the pit bull that lost his life because some idiot kids had nothing better to do than taunt him/her and some trigger happy cop doesn’t have enough common sense to use something else out of his artillery belt to stop the dog. He could have easily killed that antagonistic little punk by accident then he would really be hating life.

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