Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pit bull finds new home

Pit bull finds new home

Pit bull finds new

By John Johnston •
June 7, 2010

Destyni Blair cried when she read the story of the
pit bull named Hazel and saw pictures of her

"Seeing that she went through all that terrible
stuff...she deserved a good home; she deserved
to be loved," said Blair, 22, of Mason, who along
with her husband, Donnie, adopted the dog and
renamed her Bella.

They'd seen a May 18 Enquirer story that told
how the white pit bull was saved from a
near-certain death by Emily Gear, who runs a
Monfort Heights-based dog rescue called Louie's
Legacy. Gear was in a Colerain Township animal
hospital in March when three people brought in
the dog after finding her in their yard.

A vet said it appeared the pit bull had been
attacked by another dog perhaps a week earlier.
Her chest had been torn open, infection had set
in. Her insides were literally rotting. It wasn't
clear if she could be saved.

But Gear, sensing this was not a fighting dog,
wanted to try.

She raised nearly $2,700 through Facebook.

Eric Shreves, a veterinarian with Noah's Ark
Animal Care, performed six surgeries and
provided some services for freeThe dog, which
Gear named Hazel, made an astounding

Gear, who rescues all breeds of dogs, said it
takes a special person to adopt a pit bull. She
weeds out people who want an aggressive or
fighting dog. The breed is classified as a
"vicious" dog by the state of Ohio, which sets
rules on how the dogs are confined and how much liability insurance owners must carry.

The Blairs knew that. They had adopted a pit,
named Precious, from Gear in February.

"These people I know, and they are just excellent
with the pits," said Gear. "I think they're not
going to have any problem whatsoever."

Indeed, Blair said Bella and Precious have
adjusted to each other. "I love coming home
because they're so happy to see us. They sleep in
our bed with us. They're our babies," she said.

So glad this beautiful little pit bull was given another chance and found a loving home.
This woman and her husband are truly her guardian angels. I wish everyone the best!! Love those happy endings...

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