Monday, June 21, 2010

From my Google Alerts- June 19, 2010

From My Google Alerts:

Lower Township pit bull that mauled elderly woman faces a house arrest of sorts

The dog that attacked a pet shop owner will not be euthanized. The dog, Dozer, has been declared a “potentially dangerous dog.” The victim is satisfied with the decision because she wasn’t out to have the dog killed; she blames the owner, not the dog. The dog’s owner will have to pay some hefty fines and have a hefty insurance policy in order to keep the dog. I personally think the judge should have a ordered the dog euthanized because this seems like a human aggressive dog; he should have at least ordered the owner to have the dog neutered because the owner claims his female dog was in heat in turn leading the dog to attack.

Tigre the Pit Bull Battles Gator, Wins Its Life

This pit bull, Tigre, takes his name seriously. While walking with his owner, the dog waded into a lake and he was snatched by a six-foot alligator. He fought with the alligator and got loose; his owner pulled him to safety.
Tigre’s owner Oscar Alarcon said, “[I have] seen only small alligators at the lake during his daily walks and didn't realize larger alligators lived there, too.”
Okay… As a rule where there are little alligators, snakes, bears, rats, or whatever then there are usually big alligators, snakes, bears, and rats.
I’m glad Tigre is going to be okay and the WD and I wish him a speedy recovery!!!


Unrestrained pit bull attacks dog in downtown Mount Shasta

The owner of this pit bull is obviously an irresponsible and ignorant idiot. He was covering the dog’s eyes with his hands and assuring the owner of the cocker spaniel that everything was OK; the cocker spaniel was on a leash and the pit bull was not. The cocker spaniel owner felt he did not have the situation under control and started to cross the street but the dog attacked before she could get to the other side.
My heart goes out to the doggy that lost his life and his owner. As for the irresponsible idiot who did not have his dog on a leash and thought covering the dog’s eyes was going to help then I hope he is never allowed to own a dog ever again. Idiots like him are the reason responsible owners are punished.

Pit Bull Hanged in Playground

$3,500 reward being offered in the gruesome killing

I urge anyone with information about this tragic killing please call the authorities. Whoever did this awful crime needs to be brought to justice because if he or she can do this to a dog and leave her on a PLAYGROUND then think about what he or she can do to a CHILD ON THE PLAYGROUND!
R.I.P. Sweet Pit Bull

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