Friday, June 18, 2010

Pit Bulls: Nanny Dogs or Trained Killers

Pit Bulls: Nanny Dogs or Trained Killers
This is an article regarding pit bulls, dog bites, and the reputation of pit bulls as human/child friendly or vicious killers. Kangol is my son’s buddy, he is his big brother and loving friend.  The article highlights the Villalobos Rescue Center that stars in Animal Planet’s show Pit Bulls and Parolees. I like Tia Torres’s response regarding her opinion on the euthanasia of all pit bulls. She states:
“That [is] like saying that all Catholic priests are pedophiles. It’s just ignorance. Do I think everyone should be saved? No. I’ve euthanized them [pit bulls] for bad temperament. My children and I have never been bitten or attacked, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.”
Always remember to be a responsible owner/parent; children and dogs should ALWAYS be under adult supervision!

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