Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little White Dog update

So a family of chipmunks have moved into the backyard at our house and have been upsetting Bobo Jr. They use the back of the fence as a chipmunk highway and Bobo has been on a mission called Operation Chipmunk Roundup. So far 0 chipmunks have been detained. Here are a few pics of him on "chipmunk patrol" this afternoon.

He used the cell phone to call his great-niece, Camo, for backup.

Apparently I was also in his way last night while on my laptop. I guess I was disturbing his beauty sleep. He showed me he was bothered.

Could you be any more of a bed hog baby kangaroo?

This happens often with the feet and head always obstructing my laptop view.

He is a champion sleeper and snorer for sure.
I hate it has been so hot outside during the day; feels like a sauna when I walk out there. I have found it somewhat difficult to play ball with him recently because of his brother, you know the little human guy that loves to cuddle with his White Dog. He wants to play ball with us too but WD is not a 1 ball fetching dog. In order to play there must be 2 or 3 because he is a hard head and won't drop the one he just fetched until he sees another ball. Anyway, Brayden is going through that "mine" stage and throws a fit because he wants to throw the ball since it is apparently "his."

I took the summer off some school to decompress-- really because I transferred schools and my financial aid didn't get approved in time-- so we have had a lot more time to spend together. I wish he had a little doggy girlfriend to kick it with. When Camo, Brayden's puppy that lives with Dad, was staying here when she was really little he always had someone to play with. She never left him alone and really tired him out but her company was good for him. Gracie, my brother's Golden Retriever, used to visit often and they get along well but she hasn't been here much lately.

I fell in love with a dog at  Annabelle's Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue named Iris.
She would be perfect for our family but at the present time I cannot afford another dog. Hopefully one day soon but I hope Iris finds her a permanent family by then.

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