Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Suit Filed Over Dog Bite

Suit filed over dog bite

Salesman Joel Ellsworth was rushed to a hospital for stitches after the dog took at least a 2-inch chunk of his thigh. Ellsworth then spent four days in the hospital when his leg became infected, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Yuba County Superior Court.
But Olivehurst resident Sharon Bookey, named as a defendant with daughter Denise, said Friday that her Akita bit Ellsworth when he came to her 15th Street home that's marked with a "Beware of Dog" sign.
"I didn't invite him on my property," said Bookey. "If I want something, I'll go get it."
"I don't like that door-to-door salesman stuff," she said.
Moreover, Bookey said she and her daughter warned Ellsworth not to get too close before their dog Kayla bit him.
Bookey has had Kayla, who's about 7 years old, since the dog was 1. The animal is well liked in the neighborhood, Bookey said, and residents were mad when Kayla after the bite had to spend 10 days quarantined in the county animal shelter — a stay that cost her owner about $200.
Ellsworth's lawyer, Jeremy Price, declined to comment.
According to the suit, when Ellsworth made his April 30 sales visit to the Bookey home, Denise asked how much the home security system cost.
"I don't care," Sharon Bookey then said. "I don't want it."
The two women took no steps to stop the dog and didn't warn Ellsworth about the animal, according to the complaint. Ellsworth was lightheaded and went into shock after the bite.
Days after being released from the emergency room he asked doctors to look at his wound, which was discolored. He was immediately admitted to the hospital for a four-day stay, according to the filing.
Ellsworth is recuperating and unable to work. The suit seeks unspecified damages.
"Akitas are known for having a vicious nature," the suit said.
Sharon Bookey called the April 30 incident upsetting.
"He's a stranger and shouldn't be on the property," she said of Ellsworth. "Now he wants to get money."
In my opinion, the “Beware of Dog” sign should suffice. When you venture onto other’s property selling stuff you get what you get. Now, the owners should have done more to restrain their dog when the unwanted visitor came knocking. I ALWAYS make sure Kangol is locked in a bedroom before I answer the door if I have to; however, I usually don’t answer the door period because I know it is usually somebody selling something even though there is a massive “No Soliciting” sign at the front of my neighborhood.

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