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LETTER — The problem with pit bulls

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LETTER — The problem with pit bulls - Holland, MI - The Holland Sentinel

Posted May 30, 2010 @ 05:00 AM
Holland, MI —
I could not agree more with the May 25 letter from Lori Cooper regarding pit bulls.
I too have a problem with pit bulls in the city of Holland. And it actually has more to do with the two-legged creatures holding their leashes (if there is a leash at all) than with the pit bulls themselves.

I will agree with her on this comment
I also believe that the current enforcement in Holland with regards to these dogs is too lax. I see them all the time, leashed and unleashed, and it is scary.

Why is it scary? Understandable if the dog is lunging and acting aggressively toward her but it is ignorant to find a dog (no matter the breed) “scary” if it is leashed, behaving, and minding its own business.

Pit Bulls have become the popular dog of choice for a lot of people. It seems like most people adopt these dogs for all the wrong reasons. Some people get a pit bull because it is the "cool" thing to do. But pets aren't purses, and people who jump into pit bull ownership without the essential training and education can often do more harm than good.

Another very true point

Many pit bull owners, are ill-informed and have unrealistic expectations of what the dogs are capable of doing.

While this is true, there are thousands of educated pit bull owners in America. Remember there are millions of pit bulls in this country.
Some argue that the pit bull is a wonderfully tolerant and manageable dog, a loving companion to man. However, when it comes to the safety of my family, I err on the side of caution with these dogs.
This is her own personal choice, one for which I will not criticize her for making, but because she doesn’t own one then she shouldn’t even be commenting about family pit bulls at all.

I can't help it,. When I see someone walking their pit bull — even ones that are leashed — I am terrified. I am scared for my 5-year-old son. I am concerned for the neighborhood children who may not know any better than to approach a strange dog.

The author makes no mention of ever having been attacked by a pit bull and it seems she has been a victim of media hysteria in deciding her position on pits.

Why should we have to live with this kind of fear? Do you own these dogs for protection and if so, protection from what? If you own a pit bull because of their love and affection, have you given any thought to a safer alternative such as a Labrador?

Now, she is getting ridiculous. She is acting as though pit bulls run in a terroristic gang raiding and looting homes while murdering all men, women, and children. I am not denying pit bulls have done serious harm in the past but 9 times out of 10, the media inaccurately reports a pit bull as the offender when it turns out to be an entirely different breed thus pit bull attacks aren’t as recurrent as you think.

Please, if you own a pit bull, make sure it is properly restrained. If you are an advocate for the pit bull breed and feel you are a responsible owner to one of these dogs, please step up to the plate. Get involved and see what you can do to help alleviate this problem plaguing the city of Holland.
Chickens would be great — they may be messy but at least I don't have to worry about being mauled by one.

Yes, because chickens are the answer to the pit bull overpopulation… Hence the dire need for a sarcasm font
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