Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Officer/Pit Bull Shooting

Centralia Police Officer Attacked by Pit Bull
6/9/10 @ 8:25:21 am

A Centralia Police officer was attacked and bitten by a pit bull dog Tuesday night when trying to gain entry to a home to make an arrest in a domestic battery case.  Officer Billy White was able to draw his service revolver and shoot and kill the pit bull.  He was later treated and released at St. Mary's Hospital in Centralia for the bite injury. 
Meanwhile, Centralia Police eventually forced their way into the home where 27-year-old Joseph Tate of the 900 block of East Broadway refused to come out despite repeated requests.  Once inside, police say Tate reportedly turned aggressively towards the officer with a clenched fist and didn't comply with the demand 'to get to the ground'.  Police then tazed Tate, who fell to the floor and was handcuffed without further incident. 
 Tate was taken to the Marion County Jail for alleged domestic battery, disorderly conduct and resisting a peace officer.  The other person allegedly involved in the domestic disturbance also was arrested.  24-year-old Ashley Tate of East Broadway in Centralia is being held for alleged domestic battery and disorderly conduct.
Another officer related pit bull shooting. I understand why the officer shot him as the dog did bite him but this is yet another example of a dog put in an inappropriate situation due to their owner’s irresponsibility. Considering the husband had to be tazed for not complying with police commands the dog probably didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.  The wife also went to jail for domestic disturbance… Nice…

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