Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Euthanized After Alleged Misinformation

Dog euthanized after alleged misinformation
Amanda Gray agreed to have her giant Great Dane euthanized after it bit a woman earlier this month. However, she said she learned an hour after the dog died that she didn't need to go that far.
Gray, 30, said she is speaking out because she doesn't want another dog to needlessly die.
Gray said that after her dog Titus bit a woman earlier this month she was advised by an animal control officer at the Great Falls Animal Shelter that she either could be fined up to $1,000 under the city's animal ordinance or have the dog euthanized.
Apparently, she couldn’t afford the fine at the time so she had him euthanized.
Gray states, "It was his first offense. He was not aggressive and he was tied up in a truck, and a lady put her hand back there to pet him and he bit her."
Please believe that if some woman or man stuck their hand in my truck and he or she was bit, I sure as hell wouldn’t have Kangol euthanized. That was their own fault for putting their hand in someone else’s vehicle.
I feel for Amanda Gray but this is a lesson for all dog owners to make sure they know their county’s animal ordinances so not to fall victim to dishonest AC workers! RIP Titus!!

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