Friday, June 25, 2010

‘This is a witch hunt against pit bull lovers’

‘This is a witch hunt against pit bull lovers’

A man from Wales is being accused of fighting his pit bulls because of equipment found at his house. First, pit bull type dogs are banned in the UK, which is probably why they brought these charges against him. Second, I do not know all of the evidence they have found but what they reportedly found doesn’t make him a dogfighter. Many owners have treadmills for their pits to run on; every pit I know that has one loves it! The man has five pit bulls and I highly doubt they all got along 24/7. Those scars could be from a fight amongst the five over food, toys, or jealousy.

As for the various books hey claim is evidence of dog fighting, many serious APBT fanciers have such books because they want to educate themselves on every aspect of the breed and its history, both good and bad. He could be a dog fighter I do not know for sure but possession of such items doesn’t make you one.

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