Thursday, June 17, 2010

From my Google Alerts- June 17, 2010

1.    A 5-year old California boy was attacked by a dog that jumped through an open window at an apartment complex. The headline says pit bull, but they have no idea what breed it is I’m sure.

2.    This ridiculous little list showed up in my Google Alerts. It was written by some lawyer and it is so ridiculous. It targets pit bulls even though the information the author is stating is standard procedure for ANY BREED of dog one encounters that could potentially bite.
Phase 1 – Common Sense and Avoidance
3. Know your physical abilities. Are you in great shape, able to actively defend yourself? Whether you are or not will greatly change how you need to prepare for the possibility of attack.
This sounds like it is preparing to send troops into battle.
Phase 3 – Self Defense
Unfortunately with pitbulls, psychology can only get you so far. These can be aggressive, unflinching animals and you may have to defend yourself. here are some good tactics.
Bears can be aggressive too. So can Canadian Geese, squirrels, snakes, and cats; hell, even birds can be aggressive. Psychology must be very helpful when dealing with an aggressive bear… There definitely should be a font for sarcasm.
3. Unarmed combat. It won’t be pretty, but there are unarmed options for handling a pitbull. When striking the animal, aim for the nose, eyes, and ears. These are all very sensitive and could help to disorient the animal. On long snouted dogs you have the option of clamping the mouth shut with your hands, but that is a bit more difficult on pitbulls. If possible and necessary, dogs can be grappled from behind and put into a standard choke hold – one arm cinched tightly under the neck with the other compressing the lock inward. one final method of attack is grabbing the legs of the animal and pulling them apart abruptly, breaking the knees.
Unarmed combat? Give me a break… Whoever wrote this crap is an idiot.
Legal Recourse
Pitbull and dog attacks can be traumatizing and lethal. it’s important to know that you aren’t alone in trying to resolve the matter and seeking professional legal counsel is highly advised.
But before you can even acquire a good attorney, here are some pieces of advice for preparing yourself.
Check out the previous line. Totally written by a lawyer.
1. Try to secure witnesses to the dog biting event.
Sure, I’ll be selling tickets at the front gate. More sarcasm…
2. Attempt to address the owners about the situation, but be prepared for complete denial of fault on the part of the dog. Remember, people will treat their animal like a family member, and will protect it as such.
Ok asshole-- watch it! If my dog ever shows any unwarranted human aggression please believe I will do what is needed; that is part of being a responsible pit bull owner. Idiots like you demonize good dogs and owners.
Here is this nice little disclaimer at the end:
Bill Hayes is owner of The Hayes Firm, a specialized personal injury attorney network designed to find the best lawyer for each individual client. Every incident is unique, and it’s important to have someone with many years of experience and an extensive network to help you find the right kind of attorney. Dog Attacks are one of Bill’s specialties and he will be able to properly guide you through the legal process and get you the help you need. Visit today and receive a free legal consultation!

3.     A pit bull in New Hampshire was shot and killed by a man in his backyard. He claims the pit was attacking his dog and he was saving his own dog’s life. No other real details are given; additionally, this is not news. This is media sensationalism to fuel their pit bull witch-hunt…

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