Sunday, June 20, 2010

Article from Jack Spillane

Jack Spillane: Dog gets a painful lesson in the danger of pit bulls

This editorial by Jack Spillane claims that pit bull owners are hostile and that is why pit bull type dogs should be banned. While he claims there is insufficient evidence proving that pit bulls have an aggressive nature, there is plenty of evidence showing the aggressive nature of pit bull owners; additionally, he alleges a “large subset of owners” partake in criminal  activity (Spillane). Seeing as the only incidents or stories the media chooses to focus on are the negative ones then it might appear that way to the public. New Bedford has a fair rule if you ask me– PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED.
The AC officer in charge handled the case appropriately. This attack on another dog was irresponsibility on the owner’s behalf; having his dog declared dangerous is suitable and fair. Manny Maciel, the AC officer who defended pit bull type dogs said, “There's a lot of really nice pit bulls out there, adding that in his experience chows are the most dangerous dogs.” Moreover, Maciel defends the dangerous dog ordinance that New Bedford enacted in 2007. A dog can be euthanized for a second violent offense but to date a second incident has yet to occur by any dog previously cited. City Councilor Debora Coelho is on a pit bull witch-hunt though and wants to target pit bulls specifically instead of all dangerous dogs. Coelho declares, “pit bulls and their owners have been allowed to terrorize other city residents” (Spillane).
Maybe she is terrified beaus she is ignorant and believes the hype. I am not saying that she is but just throwing it out there; it irritates me when people say stupid things like Coelho’s above statement. She makes it sound like Kangol and I walk the streets with assault rifles and grenades along with an army of pit bulls and their humans—HAHA. Well, if this is what Spillane and Coelho (and the countless numbers of people like them) believe then they should add golden Labradors, border collies, and their owners to the list too (and MANY more I’m sure).
Apparently, an owner of two labs and a border collie found it entertaining to kill and injure nesting sea birds in Pleinmont, Guernsey in the UK. The owner was reportedly throwing stones at adult birds and laughing. The three dogs were running through the nesting area and grabbing some chicks up while driving the rest of them off a cliff.
One last note about the Spillane article though— Said dangerous dog is described as  a pit bull mix and a pit-boxer mix thus confirming that  neither the media nor the dog victim’s owner knew for sure meaning: IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN A PIT.

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