Saturday, June 12, 2010

Center approves pit bull ban

Center approves pit bull ban - Hannibal, MO - Hannibal Courier-Post

The Center City Council has approved new animal ordinances.
The first bans pit bulls. The second would allow the council to declare an animal to be dangerous if it bites or chases a person or attacks another animal.
Animals that violate the law would have to be removed from city limits or destroyed. The ordinances were drafted after complaints.
Several other Northeast Missouri communities have discussed or enacted similar bans.


OK so what are they banning here? APBT? SBT? Am Staff? Dogs with cropped ears? Dogs with floppy ears? Dogs with big heads? Dogs that sleep in funny positions?
The majority of BSL laws banning pit bulls do not actually ban a specific breed. The majority lists the APBT, SBT, and AST; however, they also ban or restrict any dog possessing “pit bull characteristics” whether or not they are actually a true pit bull. Ohio, for example, has a statewide ban of pit bulls (or did), and they classify any dog as being a pit bill if it has the following characteristics: a short, squatty body, a large, flat head, a muscular neck, and a protruding jawbone. The problem with this description is that could fit any dog. Using those characteristics, the Presa Canario, Dogo Argentine, American Bulldog, and Bull Mastiff are only some of the breeds that would be classified as a pit bull if judged by appearance, but they are not actually pit bulls.

This BSL will not solve whatever that town's said complaints are.

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