Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bored White Animal

I have been feeling super guilty because I have been neglecting White Dog. Not necessarily neglecting him per se but I have not been able to spend as much time with him because I due to school and Brayden; however, finals are now over and I intend to spend lots of my time with my baby white dog. We go for our walk every night but I have not had a lot of time for throwing the ball and playing tug o war lately. He shadows me 24/7 and I take him most everywhere I go but we have not had a lot of playtime and I can tell he is super bored; although, Brayden seems to wear him out a lot. 
He is sleeping like a rock on the couch in these pics I took on Tuesday. He pouts and groans when I sit on the computer for extended periods. 

Presently, he is passed out on his back, snoring like an old man. 

Once it cools off some tonight I am going to play tug o war with him. He loves his rope, for sure, but it is about time for a new one as him and Camo did a number on the current one. I am going to snuggle with him while Brayden is taking a nap right now—it has been a long day!

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