Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pit Bull Found With Ears Cut Off

The following is an article about a pit bull puppy that had his ears cut off for fighting purposes. People are so sick. The puppy is cute as can be and I am so thankful he was given a second chance at life and will probably be adopted into a good home. His poor little ears- I'm sure his non-existent ears will be his trademark or defining characteristic as he gets older but it is hard to fathom somebody actually cutting off his ears. The video of Vinny the pit bull puppy can be watched by clicking on this link





A 13-week-old dog was found in a field with its ears cut off, KERO-TV in Bakersfield, Calif., reported.

When the dog, named Vinny, was found last week in California City, he was also very skinny, the station said.

Vinny was taken to the California City Animal Shelter. He was later taken by Zach Skow of Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.

"It definitely wasn't done with a scalpel and he definitely wasn't put down. It probably took two people, one to hold him down and one to clip his ears. And yeah, he was probably in a tremendous amount of pain," said Skow.

While some dogs do get their ears cropped professionally, Skow said it wasn't a cropping gone bad but an act of animal cruelty that's often associated with dog fighting.

"They want them to go for the jugular, and not to latch onto an ear. They want them to latch onto a neck, so they remove the ears so they don't have anything to latch onto," said Skow.

Vinny went to the vet recently for a check-up and he was doing well. Skow said the dog has put on weight, his ears are not infected and his hearing is fine, but Skow said he hopes Vinny can help bring attention to dog fighting and the need to stop it.

"People need to know that it is happening. Dog fighting, serious dog fighting in California City, in Kern County, and it's happening all the time and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It needs to be stopped."

With the help of the California City animal shelter and Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, Vinny will get a second chance at a life that doesn't involve the brutality he was dealt.

"A dog is what you make of it, and luckily we caught him early enough, so he's just going to end up being a doggy. And we'll find a home for him. He's not going to win any beauty pageants, but he doesn't need to," said Skow.

The California City Police Department said Vinny is a part of a bigger and ongoing investigation when it comes to dog fighting in the area.

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