Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From My Google Alerts- October 2, 2010

The two northwest New Mexico men accused of decapitating a dog with chain saw appeared in court Thursday. Both 32-year-old Teddy Sexton and 31-year-old Corey Bowen are facing fourth-degree felony extreme cruelty to animals after they allegedly used a chain saw to kill a 2-year-old pit bull named Thor because it bit a child. San Juan County Sheriff’s Lt. Dwayne Faverino says Sexton and Bowen attempted to cut the dog's throat, but were having difficulty and grabbed the chain saw. Prosecutors say the issue is the method used in putting the dog down and I totally agree. Yes, the dog should have been put down for biting 2 children; however, there are more humane, effective ways to do so.
In August of 2010, a pit bull named Bootsie was beaten so severely with baseball bats that it had to be put down. The dog was found in a yard of a home by police and he was barely breathing; a freshly dug grave was being dug by a 40-year old man and a 14-year old boy. Gerald McKinley, 40, has been charged with mutilating an animal, a Class D felony, and animal cruelty, a Class A misdemeanor as of October 5, 2010. RIP sweet Bootsie! You deserved so much better.
A pit bull was left out in the rain, in a crate, for several days in Stratford, Connecticut. Police responded to a citizen complaint that a dog had been left in the rain in the backyard of a McGrath Court residence for three or four days. When police arrived at the residence, the dog was shaking, sitting in a puddle that had formed inside a crate, police said. His reasoning for doing what he did:
"The dog has fleas and we have an infant in the house."
This idiot has no business owning a dog period. This type of crap really freakin burns me. Argh………..

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  1. Are there any details in the 1st 2 cases about just how it came, that the pit bulls bit the children?

    Becuase in the chainsaw case, I believe that the child was a visitor to the house, and as far as I can see, whenever anyone comes to my house, my dog is tied (even though he is a friendly, people-loving German Shepard) in a corner of the large porch, visitors are warned not to go near him, and if children are around, they are ESPECIALLY warned not to go near the dog.

    THIS IS AS IT SHOULD BE, especially for children that are not normally part of the family. Even if the dog is friendly, and ok to pet, any child WHO VISITS (ie, NOT part of the regular family), should have SUPERVISIED time if they want to be near the dog.

    I can see from the background of these 2, that they have had prior convictions before, and I'm guessing that likely is, the are the kind that LIKE having big dogs, but are irresponsible and negligent in BOTH dog and child responsibilities, right?

    That is all NOT FAIR to the dog. And they should be prosecuted to the full, and EVERY BIT of their negligence published to the full.