Friday, October 8, 2010

From My Google Alerts- October 4, 2010

In Lantana, Florida, a pit bull was shot and wounded after it charged officers responding to a call. The officers fired two shots, injuring the animal, which was taken to a veterinary emergency clinic. The dog has reportedly been a chronic problem in the neighborhood.
A German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix aka a MUTT bit a 2-year-old Trenton boy as they were playing together on the floor. Police stated that the boy was possibly too close to the dog’s face. Gee You think. The child was airlifted to the hospital; however, he is expected to recover. No dog breed is mentioned in the article headline.
A Tulsa, Oklahoma girl was attacked by a pit bull type dog on Sunday. A witness said the attack was “brutal”; the girl remains in the hospital under serious condition. Police have not said what happened to the dog. The dog type, “pit bull,” is mentioned in the headline of the article.
In Brookville, Ohio, a pit bull was seen wandering the area and AC was dispatched. The dog was found wandering a bike path. At that time, a woman happened by and she was asked if she knew the dog. Of course, she did; she had given the dog to a man a few weeks prior. She didn’t know the guy’s name, but speculated the dog returned to familiar surroundings. She also didn’t want the dog back and it was taken by AC. So who knows what the fate of this poor dog will be. Its first irresponsible owner gave it away to an even more irresponsible owner, which is exactly why some people should not own any type of dog. This irks me deeply; however, I hope that if the dog is deemed adoptable it will find its forever home.

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