Thursday, October 14, 2010

From My Google Alerts- October 10, 2010

In Iceland, an aggressive raven attacked a dog and a child. It was euthanized.
In Sacramento County, California, three pit bull type dogs were shot during two separate incidents. One of the dogs that were shot was killed as a result; the dog was a ten-month-old female and was pregnant. The fact that the owners of the dogs in the separate incident have a 10-month pregnant female leads me to believe that AC should have taken the remaining dog because these people are not responsible enough to have a dog of any breed period.
A K-9 dog was bitten by a man after it jumped out of its police cruiser to help the officer who handles him. A suspect started an altercation with the officer and began punching him in the face. That is when the dog jumped out and bit the man who in turn bit the police dog causing it to yelp in pain.
Two Rottweilers will be euthanized in Florida this week following their attack on a woman and her nephew. The woman was checking on the dogs while their owner was out of town. The owner surrendered them after the attack.
In Vicksburg, twelve pit bulls were found chained in the woods by firefighters responding to a fire in the woods. Three of them had severe wounds. The Humane Society president said the dogs probably won’t be adoptable.
In Elk Grove, police shot and killed two loose pit bulls after they acted aggressively towards an elderly couple and two other men. They attacked one man who tried to help scare them away. He received stitches and he is recovering at home.

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