Monday, September 13, 2010

Kangol, Duece, and Chewie Pictures

Bobo Fett Sleeping

I have not posted any pictures of White Animal in a long time so here are some that have been taken over the last month. There are some of his dad, Koby, and my friend Double Rooskies’ boys Duece aka Juice Juice and Chewie aka Chew Toy. Ever dog you are about to see is ridiculously spoiled rotten. Ridonculous…

Now you see where Kangol gets his laziness from. Koby could sleep for days as 


 He knew I was getting ready to leave the house. He was staring me down with the evil eye.

Double Rooskies's boys

Lizard hunting in the garden

Duece and Chewie

Duece and Chewie

Duece making himself comfortable on the laundry bags

The Scream

Sweet baby dogs

Pouting in the yard... Brat 

More to come later......

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