Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 4, 2010

An American Staffordshire terrier was adopted by Bob and Maryellen Chanda last week. I love it when I see older people adopting pit bull type dogs. It shows that they aren’t ignorant nor do they believe what the media tells them. Kangol and I wish the best of luck to the Chandas and their new family member, Maggie.
In Lubbock, Texas, a dog has escaped from its backyard and the family is seeking help from the public in finding the dog. The black and brown Belgian Malinois got loose at about 8:30 a.m. today from the backyard on 57th Street between Indiana and University avenues. He goes by the name Rex and looks similar to a German shepherd. The dog was a military dog who served in Iraq and Afghanistan before being discharged for medical reasons. A local marine got to adopt Rex out of the military. I hope you are found safely and soon, Rex!
Samuel Van Donslear, 19-months old, was attacked by a dog when he wandered into a neighboring yard. The investigation has been closed and nobody will be charged. The investigation declared that no one involved in the incident is guilty of any criminal activity. The dog has been declared vicious and its owners were issued a citation. So why will nobody be charged? Hmmm… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say nobody will be charged because said dog is not a pit bull. Media bias at its brightest. Look at all headlines that appeared when I Googled the boy’s name.

·  Mom: Toddler in 'pretty bad shape' from dog bites

Aug 27, 2010 ... Cheryl Van Donslear said her 19-month-old son, Samuel Van Donslear, suffered 45 puncture wounds, collapsed lungs, a bruised kidney, ...

·  Boy bitten by neighbor's dog is released from hospital

Sep 2, 2010 ... Cheryl Van Donslear, of Sioux City, said her son, Samuel, was in good spirits after he was released from the hospital this afternoon. ...

·  Sioux City boy bitten by neighbor's dog released from hospital

Sep 3, 2010 ... Courtesy Samuel Van Donslear the 19-month-old that was mauled by a dog in an ... Cheryl Van Donslear, of Sioux City, said her son, Samuel, ...

·  Image : Sioux City boy bitten by neighbor's dog released from hospital

Courtesy Samuel Van Donslear the 19-month-old that was mauled by a dog in ... (Photo courtesy Cheryl Van Donslear). Loading… Samuel Van Donslear · dog bite ...

·  19-Month-Old Upgraded To Fair Condition After Dog Attack

Aug 26, 2010 ... (***UPDATE: St. Luke's Hospital confirmed Friday morning that Samuel Van Donslear has been upgraded from serious condition to fair condition ...
Does anybody see a mention of breed in any of those headlines? No, I didn’t think so… Ridiculous!!

The California state Assembly voted on SB 250 (Florez) tonight, but after multiple attempts, it did not receive a sufficient number of votes to pass.
The final vote – at 11:47 pm — was 28 27 Yes, 40 39 No, 10 12 abstain.   41 Yes votes were required for SB 250 to pass.
SB 250 – mandatory spay-neuter for dogs and cats – is finally and truly defeated.
Lubbock, Texas also vetoed a bill requiring mandatory spay/neutering of animals. While I am pro spay/neuter, laws such as mandatory spay/neuter takes away the rights of a responsible owner by letting the decision be his or her own. Many responsible owners don’t spay/neuter their animals and never have any issues. Show dogs are not allowed to be altered and if this bill had become law that would affect thousands of dogs and their owners. Phil Marshall said, “Irresponsible pet owners already ignored existing laws that attempted to keep strays off the streets. What makes us think if we pass stricter laws, they’ll obey them?”
A dog, a black and white pit bull, was dragged behind a truck in the parking lot of an elementary school; it was left for dead. The dog was discovered September 3, 2010 by Beth Bowman. She says, “The pit bull was literally skinned alive, his paws were burned off by the road, his bones broken.” He was taken to the animal shelter and still had the chain around his neck; however, he couldn’t be saved. Police are looking for whoever committed this atrocious act and they are asking for the public’s help. If you hear anyone bragging about the incident or have any information, you are urged to give them a call. The number is 859-745-7400.

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