Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 26, 2010

In Detroit, a Samoyed dog stood up to an Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, and he was bitten twice. Anti-venom from the Detroit Zoo saved his life. To his owner he is a 114-pound White Knight.
__________A dog is a true hero after his barking saved his family from a house fire in Dubois. No breed of dog is mentioned in the article.
In Braddock, PA, a 10-year old girl was attacked by a dog after its collar broke from its chain. The girl was attempting to feed the dog crackers. The girl's cousin described her injuries. "Her leg got cut, bite on her arm, scratch underneath her eye and a gash by her left ear, so the dog did scratch and bite," said Anthony Price. The dog's owner was surprised about the attack. "I have five kids of my own. I have a 6-month old grandson that plays beside him. Every kid in the neighborhood knows him. He has never done anything like this, ever." Police helped take the dog away from the home. I am curious as to where the girl’s parents were during all of this. No dog breed mentioned here either.
A pit bull was shot and killed by police Saturday afternoon after a family called 911 and reported the dog was "terrorizing them”." The dog belonged to James King, a police dispatcher, who was not home at 2229 W. 10th St. when the pit bull escaped through a window, Sgt. Jess Neal said. It was the second pit bull shooting in Muncie since August; the first dog that was shot belonged to a retired 911 supervisor and it was fighting with a German shepherd. Police administrators responded in August by saying they were considering buying tranquilizer guns. As of Saturday, however, police still did not have tranquilizer guns. "It's not an option for us," Neal said. "We don't carry tranquilizers."
A pit bull and nine pit bull pups were rescued from a house fire in a Port Orange, Florida house fire. A Chihuahua and a cat were not so lucky though and died from smoke inhalation. Port Orange Fire Marshal Chief Christopher Weir ruled the fire was electrical and caused a total loss of about $125,000. RIP little Chihuahua and kitty cat.

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