Monday, September 13, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 9, 2010

The city of Worcester has just approved new regulations that will make it more expensive to license pit bulls and other dangerous dogs; additionally, these dogs will be required to be leashed or muzzled while off their owner’s property. I would like to add that the Worcester City Council thinks these dogs are dangerous; however, I do not. It is funny how they fail to mention other breeds they consider dangerous, only the pit bulls. How bias of them.
Detroit police shot and killed a five-year-old pit bull named Bruno. Its owner was trying to get him inside when police arrived. Police say the dog “came at” the officer so he shot it.
I knew this incident would fuel BSL fire in my state. Douglasville, GA is considering a proposal requiring pit bull owners to house only one dog per pen, but not necessarily one dog per owner, and the dogs would have to be registered and have a microchip implanted. Pit bull owners would be able to keep the ones they have, but wouldn’t be allowed to have any more, according to the discussion, and a person could be fined as much as $500 if found to be in violation. Councilman Terry Miller wanted to know if there was a constitutional issue in singling out a specific breed. Littlefield responded that its constitutionality has been tested, and there is no issue. “There are incidents of guns going off shooting people or cars hitting people, but we’re not fining them,” he said. Miller repeatedly asked for statistics that show pit bulls to be more dangerous than other dogs and questioned the potential fine of up to $1,000 per violation. The council will continue discussion next week during its 5:30 committee meetings. Mayor Pro Tem John Schildroth suggested that the council solicit input from the public before acting on it. Cheryl McAuliffe, Georgia director of the Humane Society of the United States, said the real issue is not the dogs, but irresponsible owners. Instead of a breed-specific ordinance, she favors one that targets dangerous dogs.
Former dog fighters and young owners take their pit bulls to obedience school; the dogs work toward earning their Canine Good Citizen certificate. The program aims to get young pit bull owners to show their dogs in a positive light.
A man was bitten by a French Mastiff, or Dogue De Bordeaux, while trying to protect his Beagle. This is not the first time the dog has gone after the man’s Beagle; the dog tried to attack the Beagle in April 2010 too. Where are the owner’s of this Dogue de Bordeaux?? I think it should be put down considering it bit a human. This is a gnarly bite.

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