Sunday, September 5, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 1, 2010

In Lubbock, Texas, a woman was bitten by a dog last Monday. This is not news and I feel it is the stupidest article I have read this week as no information is given; however, I wanted to include it in these alerts so you can click the link and see for yourself how stupid it is. Who wastes their space with crap like this?
In Detroit, Michigan, police accidentally shot an animal control officer Thursday afternoon during a raid at a home on the city's east side. Authorities were trying to locate several pit bulls; a police officer tried to shoot one of the dogs when a bullet struck the animal control officer. The AC officer is stable. I have no idea what kind of raid it was and why the dogs were loose. Articles like this aggravate me because they give no information and rarely follow up.
Sarge, the German shepherd that survived six gunshots to the head has bitten another person. This incident will get Sarge quarantined for 10 days, which is protocol for dog bites. This will further delay Sarge’s trip to a Utah animal sanctuary where he was offered a home.
In McKeesport, a police dog bit a mother, her daughter, and the K9’s handler. The 6-yr-old missed her bus and an officer offered to drive her to school. The mother opened the door to the police car after which the dog lunged and bit her hand; additionally, the daughter was bitten on the side and the officer on the hand.
This is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the largest dog-fighting bust in history. I am not sure how I feel about how the officers went about making the bust considering they posed as dog fighters. Definitely a good read, although I do not recommend it if you are overly emotional about dogs because it gets somewhat graphic about what went on during the investigation.
Some idiot faces felony charges now that he has allegedly ordered his pit bull to attack a police officer. Tyler Ruiz, 21, was taken into custody following a disturbance at a residence in Butte. Ruiz reportedly ran at an officer that entered the premises; another officer tackled him and Ruiz then allegedly ordered his pit bull to attack the officer. When the officer pointed a Taser at the pit bull, the dog let go of the officer's pant leg. The officer was unharmed. I hope this dog is not put down for the actions of some negligent and oh so ignorant kid.

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