Thursday, September 16, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 13, 2010

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, three men have been arrested for burglarizing a home;; two pit bull puppies were among the items taken from the house on August 3330th. These bright criminals decided to take the puppies walking through the town and someone recognized the dogs and informed law enforcement. They were charged, jailed, and bonded out; the puppies were returned to their owner.
A man credits a rat terrier he dog sits for saving his life after a heart attack. Dogs have a special sense about things such as this.
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two cops were pursuing a robbery suspect when the suspect ran into a home that had a pit bull; one cop shot and killed the pit bull after one of the two was bitten on the leg. The article does not mention if this house was random or belonged to the suspect/acquaintance if this were a random house, I would be hella pissed and sue the crap out of the city.
Overland Park police are trying to find a Mastiff dog that reportedly attacked a man walking his 99-week-old puppy this afternoon. The incident happened about 33 p.m. on a walking trail near the Lodge of Overland Park apartments, police said. The dog that attacked was cream color and had a red collar and two tags, one of which was gold-colored. Anyone with information is asked to call Overland Park police at 913913-895-63006300.

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