Friday, September 10, 2010

From My Google Alerts- September 8, 2010

A Japanese Akita attacked a 10-year old girl in Scotland. It was not the first time the dog had attacked as the owner of the dog had already been convicted once for failure to control the dog. The girl needed 100 stitches to close her wounds.
A young girl and an animal control officer were nipped by a pit bull, although it is reported as an attack. That is hardly an attack; furthermore, the article goes on to state that the dog might have been possessive because it had a litter of puppies in the area. Neither the young girl nor the animal control officer needed medical attention. This article is hardly newsworthy; must have been a slow day.
A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible for dragging a black and white pit bull behind their vehicle; the dog later died. A reward totaling $$$5000 is being offered by two different groups. Anyone with information is asked to call Clark County Sheriff's Department at (859) 744-4390.
A German shepherd attacked a man walking his granddaughter’s poodle; it knocked him to the ground. Then the GS mauled the poodle. It fled the scene with a second dog that had short, white hair.
In DeFuniak Springs, Florida, a Red Heeler Australian cattle dog was attacked by a bear, resulting in over 50 puncture wounds. Attacks on pets are very rare and the Florida Fish and Wildlife agency urges everyone to take precautions to prevent any more attacks.

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