Sunday, July 4, 2010

Butte-Silver Bow, MT: Proposed pit bull ordinance discussed « Stop BSL

UPDATE: Pit bull ordinance takes center stage in Butte

A recently proposed pit bull ordinance took center stage at the Butte-Silver Bow Health Center Wednesday evening.
The ordinance, proposed by county commissioner Terry Schultz, was discussed by fellow commissioners, members of animal control and concerned residents. All parties involved found common ground on removing the tethering and pit bull specific facets of Schultz's proposed ordinance. There was also approval to look further into registering dogs upon their rabies vaccination to get a more accurate grasp on the number of dogs in the county.
The drafting of the new ordinance now hinges on the proposed list of dangerous breeds and defining what is considered a vicious animal.
Director of Animal Service Ed Randall hopes to have an ordinance over to the county commission for a vote within 90 days.
Also, pit bulls will be the center of attention Thursday at the Butte Public Library when a couple of them show up to educate people about how to act around dogs.
Pit bulls, Titan and Chloe, will be at the library to teach the public about approaching dogs, asking the owner before you touch a dog and other ways to behave around the animals. Their owner says last time they did a dog education session at the library more than 150 people showed up, and they are hoping for that outcome again.
"Education for me is huge to teach owners owner responsibility and people to be save around dogs and our dogs to be safe too," dog owner Sam Collier said.
The event is at the library from 2 to 3 p.m.
So all parties involved decided that Schultz’s tethering ordinance at all times while outside is ridiculous; they struck it down. That is good news because that was just plain stupid. Now they get to decide who lives and who dies by drafting the new ordinance, which will consist of a dangerous dog list; they will also define what a vicious animal is in their eyes.

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