Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From My Google Alerts- July 7, 2010

A mixed Breed Labrador named Blue was stabbed and beaten to death while chained to his doghouse at the junkyard he called home. The junkyard had been burglarized and the cash drawer as well as $20 in change was stolen. Police discovered a white thread between Blue's teeth that may help solve the crime. The burglar made a getaway by climbing onto a parked car to jump over the junkyard fence, according to a search warrant filed Tuesday in Roanoke Circuit Court. Officers found blood and shoe prints on the vehicle, the document said. The search warrant names Otis Larry Whorley III, 26, of Roanoke, as a suspect in the burglary and in Blue's killing. No one has been charged. Whorley was treated for a dog bite at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Thursday morning, the search warrant said. He claims a pit bull attacked him while walking home from his girlfriend’s house. Blue was laid to rest in the junkyard.
In Syracuse, New York, Peggy, the pit bull mix recovering from injuries received during a four-story fall from a Syracuse apartment building, is being given up for adoption by her owner, officials said. Finding her a new home shouldn’t be any problem seeing as the hospital handling the adoption has received 100 applications; they refuse to accept anymore. The dog is doing well, but hospital officials want to give her more time to recover before letting her move into a new home where she will have to meet new people and, perhaps, new fellow pets, Wilcox said. He said an announcement about her future might come next week.
In Cyprus, a ten-year-old Paphos boy was mauled yesterday by a pedigree dog, which jumped out of the yard of a house in the village of Emba to attack the child, one of a group of youngsters playing in the street outside. Police spokesperson Nicos Tsappis told the Cyprus Mail: “The dog is a Japanese Akita, which is a pedigree breed and is two-and-a-half years of age. It attacked the boy and bit him on his face.” I just love how they choose to use the term “pedigree dog.” The 32-year-old owner of the dog, Chrystos Chrystou, was called into the local police station, where he was informed of the incident, given a caution, and released.
The pit bull that took part of three attacks inside Golden Gate Park will likely be put down. Nobody has claimed him or the female dog said to have been with the male dog during the attacls. In all likelihood, the pit bull will be euthanized after Sunday, a police official with the department’s vicious and dangerous animals unit said.

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