Friday, July 9, 2010


A blog I recently received in my Google alerts caught my eye and I was horrified by what I saw. A pit bull was found in a mall parking lot and had been horridly abused. She lost her left eye, covered in sores and wounds, and was hairless. Her teeth had also been filed down or extracted it was later discovered. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this story with everyone and anyone you know. Share it on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, Email, or any other social networking tool you use. This dog is in desperate need of care and two women named Sarah and Sandra have become her angels. No animal should ever have to go through what this sweet girl has endured.
Sandra and Sarah say she is so gentle and sweet. If all you do is share her story you will be doing this sweetheart a great service.  Her name is Shelby and she has been given a second chance... The WD and I are rooting for you precious girl. The following posts are from the blog "Mona and Mommy Too." It is a blog for a Dachshund named Mona written with the help of her mommy. 


This post contains horrible pictures of a injured pit bull. Please do not read any further if you are faint at heart.
Dearest friends,

Mommy is doing this post at the request of The Houston Pettie Pack's Mom Sandra. Their computer is still down, but Mommy and Sandra have kept in contact with each other by phone. This afternoon, Sandra called me very upset. She found a female pit bull in the parking lot of a mall very badly hurt. It appears she as been in a fight and dumped there, probably by whoever was fighting her. She has hardly any hair and many puncture wounds and bites. Sandra is afraid she has lost an eye. Does the name Michael Vick, the monster, come to mind? 

Their are 4 pits in Kissa Bulls pack plus 2 dachshunds and we all know the kind of people they have for their parents. Kindness, loving, compassionate are just a few words to describe them. Sandra does not want to call the pound or SPCA, for obvious reasons. We know their are rescue groups but for now Sandra is trying to save her, since she has a lot of knowledge and experience with pits and a lot of medicine on hand is going to try.

If anyone knows anybody that could help take care of this poor girl it would be greatly appreciated. Of course she will need lots of prayers and THE POWER OF THE PAW to survive.
Please spread the word around the blogging world about this poor little one. Maybe their are some other pit bull bloggers in the Houston area that could help us take care of her.

God bless........Sarah
PS.....If anyone would like to contact Sandra or myself, please e-mail me at the address on Mona's bio page and I will send you her telephone #

Monday, July 5, 2010


I want to thank everybody for the prayers and concern for the injured pit that Sandra found Saturday. I went there this morning and her injuries are far worse than the pictures showed.

Sandra's Vet is closed today because of the extended holiday. I called my Vet and I made an appointment, 4 pm was all he had open. Neither of us gets paid until this Friday but this can't wait so I will pay for her treatment with one of my credit cards.

We both think she was used as bait to train fighting bull dogs, has had pups at some time, appears to have been burned and one eye is sunken in. She is able walk, very gentle and we think she knows finally someone is trying to help her. God only knows all the pain and torture this poor girl has been through.

Sandra has done a marvelous job caring for Shelby. Yes her, name is Shelby.
I asked Sandra, what she wanted to call her, since my doctor needed a name. She didn't have one in mind so I named her Shelby.

I will do a post after we come from then Vet.
Please keep the Power of the Paw going because Shelby will need a miracle.
Go9od Bless............Sarah

Monday, July 5, 2010


Sandra & I took Shelby to Mona's Vet this afternoon. There was some good news but lots of bad news. First off she got a complete physical and I had Dr Briles give her all the shots that any other dog would be given at a yearly exam.
The good news is that the fecal exam was negative and he doesn't think she has mange based on what he saw when he did the skin scraping test but Sandra bathed her with medicated shampoo a couple of times and the mites might have been washed away so he will recheck again in two weeks. He doesn't think she was burned but the reason she looks so bad is because of bacteria and the hundred of bites & puncture wounds. He gave Sandra an antibiotic to give her twice a day for two weeks, called Baytril and a dip to give her today and another dip in a week, called Mitaban. That should help with the itching. He said he has seen dogs in worst shape than Shelby do really well with antibiotics. "My God! How could this sweet baby look any worse."
As we were getting Shelby out of my SUV, we discovered something we hadn't noticed before. Most of her teeth had either been pulled or sawed down. The doctor agrees with don't take the teeth out of a fighting dog but you do, if you plan on using the dog as bait. We can't prove it but we all feel that she was bred continuously until she wasn't useful anymore and then used as bait.
She is heart worm positive and will need to be treated for that. One of her eyes is useless and will either have to be removed or stitched shut. She will need to be spayed. There is a possibility she could be pregnant but we pray not. When she goes back, he will do bloodwork, etc.
For now he doesn't want to give her any steroid treatments until we see what happens with the antibiotics, the dips, complete bed rest and isolation from all the other dogs. He did give her a shot for pain today. On July 17, we take her back and he will redo the skin scarping to verify there is no mange & decide what happens next.
He said it is to dangerous to start her on heart worm treatment until we are sure she doesn't have mange. When the time is right we will have her spayed and the heartworm treatments started.
Sandra took Shelby home to care for her and she is in the best of hands, far better than mine.
I paid 251.00 for Shelby's visit & medications today. Dr Briles reduced her bill from 284.50 to 251.00. "God Bless him. He is a big believer in rescue and gives reduced rates to anybody helping rescue a dog, cat, doesn't matter what."
I hope that I have remembered everything but sometimes, when I get so upset, I tend to forget details. There were a lot of tears shed today but when Dr Briles said he thinks she could be saved our hearts leaped for joy.
There has already been many of you who have offered to help with her medical expenses and we can't thank you all enough. If you would like to help please e-mail me the the address on Mona's bio and I can send you our addresses. Please keep the prayers coming.
Before I close, I would like to share one thing. When I first posted about Shelby, I posted a picture, as I usually do, of an unknown flower with a lizard on it that Judy had sent me from her yard. I thought it was just a bunch of rather common berries but since Judy sent it why not use it. This morning, when I saw Shelby in the flesh for the first time I was horrified. I cried and thought to myself, the doctor won't be able to help her and she would have to be put down. When I came home for a few hours before her appointment, I found the picture at the top of this blog that Judy sent this morning. The same flower but with a beautiful bloom. Shelby will be like that, of that I am sure, given time and with the Power of the Paw on her side. If we do lose her, we will have tried.
God Bless..........Sarah & Sandra


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Good morning,

I am doing a very fast post before I leave for work, if I can get out of the driveway hat is, to thank everyone for the out poring
of love and support for Shelby. I will be seeing Shelby again on Saturday and will have an update on how she is doing and hopefully take some picture where she is looking better. Sandra said yesterday that Shelby is so sweet and gives her no trouble at all but she doesn't want to be alone, so Sandra has made a bed that she can sleep on next to Shelby's cage.

Several of you have suggested we setup a Pay Pal account for donations to what I have started calling "The Shelby Fund." I will talk to Sandra about doing that on Saturday and will let you know. Again thanks so much for helping support our girl and keep the prayers coming...........Sarah, Mona's Mom



  1. Lauren,

    Thank you so much for this post. Shelby is very precious to us and it makes me cry whenever I think about what she has been through.

    God blessn you....Sarah

  2. She has touched a special place in my heart. I also posted it within the pit bull forum I belong to... People are outraged! I so wish I could help you more!! Give sweet girl kisses from me and the White Dog and please keep me updated!

  3. omg my heart goes out to her