Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dog destroyed after attack on other canine; Dog Allegedly Attacks 10 yo Boy, Cop Kills It

A pit bull mixed breed was destroyed by county authorities after it attacked a small Yorkshire terrier just before the Fourth of July parade Sunday in Sheridan. The owners relinquished their rights because they felt the dog was a danger. Seemingly, the dog was tied to an outside restraint. Owner irresponsibility played a  big role in this incident for having the dog restrained outside without a fence; additionally, they were careless in that the dog was outside unsupervised. If one lives near a parade route he or she should have taken the necessary steps in making sure their dog was inside or unable to get loose, especially after attacking another dog previously. I’d also like to know what exactly said dog is mixed with since they are so sure it is a pit bull mix.

A 10-year-old boy playing with a friend in the back yard of an Orange County home was attacked by a pit bull, which was shot and killed by a deputy. The child wasn't hurt badly but the dog was killed because it supposedly acted aggressively while waiting for AC to arrive. The dog was 10 years old but the owner only had him for 6 months. According to comments, the dog was a rescue dog and his death was unnecessary. Here  are some reader comments:

I know the person who owned him all this is BSSS first of all the dog didnt attack the child the kids were playing with it and provoked it!! second of all the cop was a a little power hungry short man who was scared of the dog and wanted to finallyyyy use his gun. The cop was scared of dogs so he killed it thats all. The dog is not a mean dog he is playful and was just probably approaching the cop. NOT AGGRESSIVLY. The dog was rescued by my friend thats why he was old and only had him for that time. The victim here is the dog. The boys dad was a little baby and not man enough himself to deal with the situation. IT WAS A SCRATCH FROM HIS PAW NOT AN ATTACK. the dog scratched the kid after he provoked it.  
Pit bull bites are the only ones who make the headlines. Ask for a report of the Orange County Animal Control bite stats for THIS ONE WEEK, and you'll see 13 other breeds responsible for biting (as bad if not worse as this case). The only reason THIS one made the news is because the word "pit bull" makes people click on the link. If you look at real statistics, you'll see reality and that is ANY dog of ANY breed can and will bite. THEY ARE DOGS. Owners' responsibility, end of story.
And my favorite… this one takes the cake
Pitt bulls are only owned by two types of people, first there are the Michael Vick ones that think it's cool to raise the biggest, baddest, meanest dog and fight it for money or kicks. Then there are the ones who have very little self-esteem so they make up for it by looking cool or bad walking down the street with one. Breeding should be outlawed on Pits and all the others rounded up and destroyed. I had a 16-week-old female black lab that was just lying in my front yard chewing a rawhide ten feet from me while I was washing my car when a brindle pit came out of nowhere and attacked her. It picked her up and shook her and broke her neck in seconds, she didn't even see it coming! I had no chance of saving her, and the worst part is my 8-year-old daughter saw her Christmas present and future lifelong companion killed in front of her. I was able to get my 45 out and shoot the pit before it got away, I shot it until I ran out of rounds and if I had another magazine I would have put those into it also. If it's owner was there I probably would done the same to them but instead I was able to sue them and get enough that they'll remember for the rest of their lives what a bad decision they made in owning one of these dogs. I have known multiple people that have had serious issues with this breed and it has never ended up in the dog or owners favor. If another one comes around loose I won't wait for it to attack a pet or family member, it will be shot in seconds no questions asked! If it has an upset owner threatening to haunt me about the dead pit then bring it on! Their lives will change quickly also! I promise!

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