Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From My Google Alerts- July 3, 2010

A nine-year-old girl was bitten by a state trooper’s mastiff- pit bull mix while walking to the park with her friends. She was visiting her grandparent’s house in Brockton, MA. What really irks me is that the dog was unrestrained on the owner’s front yard. You’re a state trooper for crying aloud, you should know better than most about unrestrained dogs! Geez…. I bet he wasn’t even cited for failure to restrain dog on owner’s property. The girl needed 25 stitches to sew up her leg. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days and then euthanized.
DOG ATTACK: Police shot and wounded a dog after it attacked a woman in the 2700 block of Monroe Avenue at 4:10 p.m. Friday. Police said they found a 40-year-old woman being bit and pinned against a house by the dog. Officers attempted to Taser the dog, but the animal continued to attack. The dog was then shot once and wounded, which allowed the victim to escape. The woman was not seriously injured and the dog was taken for treatment by a veterinarian. There is no mention of breed or of how the attack began. The incident occurred in Niagra Falls.
A mother and daughter allegedly ordered their pit bull to attack a man. They are drug addicts and the man was their supplier. They are low-rent junkies who don’t deserve to own a pit bull; I also feel sorry for the dog having been in their care. Lock them up and make an example out of these idiots. I just hope they don’t euthanize the dog because of its owner’s actions. There is no mention of past aggression or that the dog did serious damage. I am not excusing a biting pit bull but who knows what the two women were doing to try to make the dog attack. At the very least, he should be evaluated to see if he is sound.
A woman and her daughter called police and reported that a pit bull was being a nuisance. Why the woman called the POLICE instead of ANIMAL CONTROL, I have no idea. While I have issues with some AC officers’ actions, I do believe they are better equipped to handle animals than the police are. Apparently, the woman called 911, but I would think 911 would send AC. I guess not. Anyway, the officer said the female pit bull was wagging her tail and very friendly, standing right next to him. So the officer grabbed her collar and instructed the mother and daughter to get down; the dog then became agitated and started thrashing around. I’m sure the dog felt threatened and didn’t like being grabbed by her collar, which is why AC would probably have been a better choice to restrain the dog. The dog bit the officer and he shot it three times, killing her instantly. PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER AND LEASH YOUR DOG, NO MATTER THE BREED, AT ALL TIMES. NEVER ALLOW YOUR DOG TO ROAM FREE!
The Golden Gate Park dogs that bit a man and a woman have still not been claimed by anyone. The dogs were found wearing harnesses though. They will become department property if not claimed within 5 days, meaning they will probably be euthanized.

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