Monday, July 26, 2010

Kangol's Visitor

Last week Kangol, Brayden, and I had a special visitor. 
Kangol's reaction to news of a house guest
This was Kangol's reaction when he learned of our special visitor

This is Duece and he belongs to a friend of mine; she was going to board him for 2 days but I offered to keep him here because he would have had a lot for fun—and he did!
Duece is 2 years old and he is such a sweetheart!! We did the crate and rotate method with Kangol and him and it worked out very well. Kangol was a bit disconcerted, but he got over it. This was the first time Duece had ever spent the night away from his mama, but he did a great job considering!! He was hesitant of the fenced in backyard at first but finally warmed up to it. He was cracking me up chasing birds and pouncing on leaves.
Brayden fell in love with him, although he thought that Duece was his puppy, Camouflage, when he first met him. He said, “It's my Camo, it’s my puppy. My daddy brought me my puppy.” I explained this was not his puppy because she was still at his dad’s house but they did look very much alike. Brayden could not say “Duece” as it came out “Juice.” It sounds so adorable and Duece’s new nickname is now “Juice Juice.”

I was super proud of both boys for behaving while the other was in the crate. 
Kangol isn’t used to sleeping anywhere except in the bed with me so he was a little upset, but he survived. Now, he is stuck to me like superglue and my friend says that Duece won’t leave her side either. 

These dogs….  Hahaha…. Love them so much though.

Here are some pictures and some video footage of Duece’s stay and random Kangol activities. 

Kangol was stoked to find a bone that Duece left on my bed. 

It had gotten lost in the sheets; Kangol fell asleep with it in his mouth.

Sleeping with bone in his mouth
Lastly, here are some videos of Kangol riding shot gun with his mother. The music is a nice touch if you ask me. Haha...

Kangol loves his car rides and he has to be the most sturdy dog I have ever seen in a car. 

He just sits there and isn't falling all over the place or anything.

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