Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update On Shelby the Pit Bull

An Update on Shelby the Pit Bull in Texas That Was Found in a Parking Lot
Dearest friends,

Mommy asked a question on our last post. "What movie did Mommy pick Shelby's name from?" 3, actually 4, of our DWB friends guessed correctly....Steel Magnolias.
Cole, Maggie & Mitch & Maggie Mae!

Maggie Mae gave her reason and it was exactly the same reason Mommy picked it.

Because Shelby is as strong and beautiful, as the movie character she was named after. She has a lot of people, pups, kitties and a good doctor behind her and in time she will be gorgeous, just like the flower above, that we have followed since it was just a bunch of berries and now is in full bloom.

Yesterday Mommy went to see Shelby for the first time since her doctor's appointment. She cried, nothing unusual for my My Mommy, but they were tears of joy.

Mommy here........ Shelby looked so much better and even had a smile on her face. She still has lots of scraps and sores but looks like a different dog. This Saturday Sandra and I will be taking her back to Dr Briles. Like he said before, he will retest her for mange and then decide what happens next. The removal of her eye? The spay? The start of heart worm treatment? Blood work? Who knows but whatever has to be done will be done. I am in the process off setting up a Pay Pal account for "The Shelby Fund" and I will let the blogging community when itm is up. I know that the Power of the Paw is just as important as the money, so please keep the prayers worked for Mona and it will for Shelby, I'm sure.

Looking good Shelby!! Look at that shining smile and
the extra weight!!

Mona here......Mommy has always believed there are guardian angels among us. These are just a few from her angel collection, so I asked Mommy if they were the ones praying to make Shelby whole again. She said no. It was all our 4 legged friends, their pawrents and GOD who named the DOG, dog which is God spelled backwards, so you see he has gotta be on Shelby's side.

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