Sunday, July 4, 2010

Turkey Aims to Seize Every Pit Bull in the Country | Animals |

Tell Turkey: Stop Targeting Pit Bulls

Targeting: Besir Atalay (Interior Minister of Turkey)
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On June 27, 2010, the Turkish government decided to start rounding up pit bull type dogs and charging citizens who own these dogs fines of over 3,400 Turkish lira (over $2,000 USD).
The dogs will be taken from their homes and impounded. Since no shelter in the country has room for these dogs and it is illegal to own them, this means certain death for the estimated 10,000 pit bull type dogs in the country.
The government has ordered vets offices to turn in any clients with pit bull type dogs, proving that this law is targeting responsible dog owners, not the dog fighters and Turkish mafia who are the real problem. Breed bans don't work. Less than a year ago, Italy overturned their breed specific legislation because it was costly and ineffective.
Turkey needs to revise their law so it targets irresponsible dog owners, not innocent people and innocent dogs. Tell Turkey to stop killing pit bulls.
(Thanks to Jill Lee and Gulsebnem Bishop for drawing attention to this issue!)




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Stop Targeting Pit Bulls

I am writing to urge you to stop rounding up "pit bull type" dogs in Turkey. Policies that are based on breed of dog rather than an individual dog's behavior only end up harming innocent people and innocent dogs.

A dog should not be condemned for the way he looks. Breed bans do not stop dog fighting or irresponsible owners from endangering citizens. The only way to reduce dog bites and dog-related crimes are through education and non-breed specific policies.

Many other countries, such as Italy, have found that breed bans are costly and ineffective and they've replaced their outdated breed-based laws. I urge you to do the same. Please stop killing pit bull type dogs and revise the law so that dangerous dogs - not arbitrary breeds - are targeted.

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This is very disheartening! I would be high tailing it out of Turkey. I think your “bite problem” might improve if you were to take this law and replace any word(s) relating to a pit bull with “irresponsible owner” Thugs and wimps who use pit bulls  for  intimidation  could probably care less about the no pit bull law. They will just seek a new breed to abuse and demonize, if they even acknowledge the law at all.

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