Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dog Attacks Three, Injures Woman

Dog attacks three, injures woman
GRANTSBORO —  A 65-year-old woman suffered a severe wound to her arm after a dog attacked her and two others near Grantsboro on Saturday.
The dog is being held at Craven County Animal Control’s shelter in James City. It is a 10-day quarantine to rule out rabies, said Trinity Smith of Pamlico County animal control. Meanwhile, officials are investigating to determine if the dog is vicious, or if the attack was an isolated incident.
The dog’s owner, Anthony Krelie, 37, said he was arrested Monday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He spent Monday night in jail before posting a $3,000 bond.
The incident occurred at Krelie’s home off Scotts Store Road south of Grantsboro. The dog, named Shy, is a 6-year-old pit-bull mix that Krelie has owned since she was a puppy. He said he keeps her inside except to relieve herself.
The dog was inside the house Saturday but someone opened a door and she got out and went on the attack.
Patricia Armstrong, 65, of Alliance, was among several people who’d gone to Krelie’s house to help a friend move her belongings out, said Tina Yliniemi, Armstrong’s daughter.
The dog went right for Armstrong’s throat and face, but she fended off the dog with her right hand. The dog then went after another woman who protected herself with a folding chair, then another woman who was sitting in the cab of a truck. That woman escaped out the truck’s other side, but the dog stayed in the cab until Krelie got her and took her back inside the house.
“He kept saying the dog wouldn’t bite, the dog wouldn’t bite,” Yliniemi said, referring to Krelie. “He took the dog inside and never came back out.”
Armstrong was the only one injured. Her wrist and hand required six stitches to repair internal injuries and nine stitches to close the wound, Yliniemi said. The dog’s teeth also scratched a bone in her arm.
Krelie said Shy was inside the house but his ex-girlfriend let her out while she was moving her things. He said someone outside was “cutting up and acting like a fool,” which got the dog excited and led to the attack.
He said Shy jumped into the cab of the pickup because she thought she was going for a ride.
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This sounds like a girlfriend was moving out and the dog owner wasn't happy about it. I am not saying he let the dog out, it could have been the girlfriend, but he was irresponsible in that he didn't take the necessary precautions and put his dog up so something like this couldn't happen. Now the poor dog could lose her life for the carelessness of her owner.

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  1. If these ladies didn't go to the man's house in the middle of the night to get the girlfriends stuff the dog wouldn't have gotten out and the lady wouldn't have gotten bitten. The dog climbed in the cab of the truck to go for a ride. This dog loves to ride. He didn't attack 3 women he only attacked 1 woman. This dog and it's owner were both locked up. It cost the owner $600.00 to get clear of this. 450 to get himself out and 150 to get the dog out. The charges have been dropped because the lady who said the man siced the dog on her couldn't remember if he did or not. She did not have to get rabie shots as stated in one of the articles. The dog and his owner are both home and the dog is kept in the house where he enjoys cool air and TV. This dog, even though it is a bit bull has never attacked anyone before. He will jump on you and loves for you to play with her. When she left the shelter and went to the vet's to get shots the girls there could not believe this was the dog everyone was talking about. The dog was gentle and sweet.