Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rehabilitating Canine Bites and Man Is Bitten On Genitals

Rehabilitating police dog bites pedestrian in butt

Wendy Victora
2010-06-30 09:31:38
NICEVILLE — A man walking down Deer Street on June 20 to check out some houses for sale was bitten in his left butt cheek by a black dog, according to the Niceville Police Department arrest report.
The bite ripped his back pocket and left blood drops on his shorts.
The victim did not want the dog put down and did not want to pursue any charges. The owner came outside and showed the police officer and the victim the dog's current rabies shot paperwork.
The dog is a German Shepherd that was a prior police dog in Walton County. The dog had been shot in the face with a shotgun and its new owner is attempting to rehabilitate him, the report said.

Don’t you just love how this headline does not attempt to identify a breed? If the dog had been a pit bull or even remotely close to resembling one, it would probably say: Pit bull bites pedestrian in butt, savagely mauls him

Dog bites Toledo man in the genitals

A 20 year old Toledo man is recovering after a dog bit him in the genitals. It happened over the weekend in the 1700 block of Buckingham.
The victim's family tells 13abc he's terribly upset, and as you can imagine, in pain. They say the dog ripped off his genitals.
The owner of the dog, Dexter Clark called the attack an accident. He says, "It was my fault for not securing him."
According to the police report, Clarks pit bull/lab/chow mix ran from the backyard and attacked a 20 year old man while he was riding his bike. The report says the dog bit him in the "leg and genitals".
Clark says, "I don't want him out anyway because the only person that can really control him is me. I don't really, won't let him out. They said they was going to watch him and like I said it's an unfortunate accident. Anyway I can rectify the situation I will."
The report also states the dog warden's office "declined to come and retrieve the dog." Toledo has a breed specific vicious dog ordinance, but a judge ruled parts of it unconstitutional. According to the dog warden, dog owners can now have more than one pit bull and it doesn't have to wear a muzzle.
Clark was cited for not having a proper fence for his dog, no dog license and no rabies shots for the dog. When Clark was asked why his dog doesn't have his rabies shots, he replied, "I don't have no money, but I'm going to borrow some money to keep him." And when asked if the dog has ever attacked before, Clark says, "Yeah, he'll attack any human being that will raise a foot or anything. You can't throw no bottle at him or nothing." But in this case, Clark believes, "I feel like it's something that's going on with him because wouldn't have just attacked like that. I know him."
The reason the dog warden won't confiscate the animal, is that once the dog is confined and the victim is taken to the hospital, they have no authority to go into a home and take the animal.

This article/video really aggravates me. First, the article states that the dog is a pit bull/lab/chow mix aka a MUTT (if you ask me). The video and article then call it a pit bull attack, which the dog isn't a pit bull. Next, the owner admits the dog will attack anything that moves and he has attacked before. This dog supposedly took off another man's genitals. It should be euthanized! The dog warden has no authority to take the dog though once a victim is in hospital and the dog has been confined. I think its messed up that the owner admits it attacks people but doesn't want to put it down because "I [the owner] feel like it's something that's going on with him because wouldn't have just attacked like that. I know him." He completely contradicted himself. If he knew his dog, he would have known he could escape at any time to attack something that moved past. Some people are idiots.... I am going to call this news station and ask them why they claim it was a pit bull/lab/chow mix but headline the dog as a pit bull in the video. In addition, I doubt the dog they show in the video is the actual dog since the owner still has the dog; I think it is one of those clips of any dog the news stations use when headlining a dog attack. The borrowing money aspect of the story.... I won't even go there

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  1. One thing about this story that you might consider is the striking similarity between the specific identification of the dog breed and the description of the injury.