Saturday, July 3, 2010

From My Google Alerts- July 2, 2010

A man in West Haven severely beat his Golden Retriever puppy and he was arrested; however, he was released on $7500 bail. Let’s hope he doesn’t assault a person on his way home from jail.
In Golden Gate Park, on July 1, three people were bitten by loose dogs. One was a female shepherd mix and the other was a male pit bull, reportedly intact and used to breed illegally. Police have suggested the dogs were living with someone in a homeless camp. While the female dog was easily captured, the male gave police a run for their money causing them to open fire and graze the dog’s face. Both dogs were wearing harnesses so I bet their owner(s) weren’t too far.
A Mastiff kept as a family pet bit a child’s face according to the Watauga Democrat. The only mention of the dog’s breed is one sentence:
Deputies responded to a home on Rabbit Run Lane near Winkler's Creek to find the dog (a mastiff) already secured and a child with severe facial bites.
The headline is not too frightening:
            Child hospitalized after family dog bites him in the face
Fortunately for the Mastiff breed there isn’t a headline demonizing them such as:
            Mastiff savagely mauls boy’s face; Brutal scene
A German shepherd bit a 16-year-old boy on June 21, 2010. He was jogging to a friend’s birthday party when the dog attacked him. The dog supposedly bit a 13-year-old last year but no charges were filed against the dog’s owners because they paid the child’s medical bills. After the dog attacked this time, it still wasn’t impounded because it had a kennel and was up to date on vaccinations. The dog has since been destroyed though, after a court order was filed to have the dog euthanized.

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