Friday, July 9, 2010

Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case -- Pit Bull Gets Off

Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case -- Pit Bull Gets Off

A pit bull accused of viciously attacking singer Vanessa Carlton has just escaped a death sentence -- after the dog owner proved Carlton's bite wound didn't match up with a mold of the dog's teeth.

The exonerated puppy is Bella -- who was just 9 months old when she was accused of biting the hell out of Vanessa -- who was jogging in Pennsylvania on May 2.

But in a trial that was like an episode of CSI -- Bella's owner argued that there's no way the doggy would have carried out the attack ... and then brought in several forensic experts -- including specialists in dog behavior and canine dentistry -- to back her story.

Ultimately, the experts paid off -- and the judge ruled that Bella could move back in with her owner ... instead of being put down.

Carlton -- who attended the six hour trial in person -- had no comment after the case.

So I am curious as to what dog bit this girl and why she made Bella her scapegoat. Was she like, "Daddy, one of those vicious killer pit bulls bit me and almost killed me!" and pointed the finger at the first pit bull looking dog they came across?

Excellent news that Bella gets to return home. That is time with her family she will never get back. They should make that idiot girl pay her boarding fees.

Forensics is an amazing thing!

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