Friday, July 2, 2010

From My Google Alerts- July 1, 2010

In Yonkers, two pit bull puppies were found in a garbage can and they are being treated for Parvo. The SPCA Police Chief Ken Ross said that such cases of abandoned pit bull puppies are often indicative of underground dog-fighting rings, which are difficult to detect.
Back in May, a pit bull named Bambam was running loose in the town of Elizabeth, Colorado. He was shot nine times before he died. Overkill much? Police say he was “acting aggressively”; however, he did not bite or attack anyone. The police apparently felt it was necessary to unload a whole clip on the dog. The dog’s owner didn’t know how he escaped, which in my opinion, proves she is an irresponsible owner.  Now it seems the officer involved in shooting the dog has been cleared. I think one shot would have sufficed, maybe even two but seven is extreme. The officer claims he fired two more shots to put the dog out of its misery; the dog was trying to get away from the cops and he was hiding under a porch.
Police shot two dogs in Galloway Township, claiming the dogs charged them when the owner opened the front door. There are conflicting versions of the events by the owner and police. The media says the dogs were pit bull mixes. It seems every dog is a pit bull mix according to the media. I’m curious as to what they think the mix part is.
A teen model claims a Boxer bit her face leaving a wound that needed 60 stitches. The incident happened on her way home; she was walking. The dog never left its yard though and is enclosed by a privacy fence. The girl said she didn’t stick her head over the fence. Yeah right! How else would the dog bite you if the police say it never left its yard? The teen girl wants the dog put down. Not-uh not going to happen!
Anna police said the dog, a boxer, is being held and observed for 10 days as a precaution. But the dog’s shots are current and there have been no prior reports of it being violent. Since the dog never left its backyard, police said no criminal charges will be filed against the owner. The owner told FOX 4 his dog is a fun loving animal that is good with people. It doesn’t have a violent history, he said.
The poor girl has had to cancel three fashion shows because of her injury. Think she’d like some cheese with her whine?
A Japanese Akita attacked a 9-yr-old boy in the UK.
The keen footballer suffered deep puncture wounds down the left side of his body, including his arms and torso.

But the worst injuries were those he sustained on his leg, with the bite wounds so deep they severed a tendon and muscle at the back of his knee.

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