Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mom charged in dog attack on baby

Mom charged in dog attack on baby

09:40 PM PDT on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Press-Enterprise
A 22-year-old mother, whose baby son's genitals were mutilated in a dog attack in Murrieta, was charged Tuesday with felony child endangerment, court records show.
Carrie Rae McKinney, a resident of San Diego County, left her 6-month-old son unattended April 3 in a baby carrier near a pit-bull mix at her friend's home on Arboretum Way, Murrieta police said at the time.
As of Wednesday, McKinney had not been arrested, jail records show. She could not be reached for comment.
Supervising Deputy District Attorney Gerald Fineman said McKinney left her son on the kitchen floor while her friend's pit bull mix was nearby.
The baby had been alone several minutes when McKinney, who was in another room, heard his screams and returned to find the child's groin area was injured and his diaper torn off, Fineman said. The baby's testicles were severed in the attack.
Initially, authorities said it was unclear whether a second pit bull might have been involved. Fineman said the second dog appears to have been outside at the time.
Animal control seized and euthanized both dogs.
Fineman said the attack on the baby was foreseeable -- the pit-bull mix had displayed an interest in the baby's diaper before.
"It was more than something that just happened out of the blue," Fineman said.
"Leaving the child alone in such a dangerous situation, that exposed," Fineman said, warrants the felony child endangerment charge.
San Diego County child protective services removed the baby, as well as two older siblings, from McKinney's care, police said in April.
This girl is an idiot, especially for leaving the child alone with a dog that had already showed interest in the baby’s diapers. WTF… You don’t leave any baby unattended with a dog of any breed!! This is not an incident caused by a pit bull, or in this case a pit bull-mix; this is the result of negligence and stupidity on the mother’s part. In November of 2007, a 4-month-old baby had his genitals chewed off by a Dachshund so nobody has any reason to scream this was something that only a pit bull could do. No, this is something that only pure negligence and lack of concern for a child’s well-being can cause. What bothers me, although not as much as what the child endured is that It was unclear whether a second pit bull might have been involved”; however, “Animal control seized and euthanized both dogs.” Why did they do this if only one dog was suspect?

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